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Journals and Books

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A Dream, divination and lunar journal designed to amplify the whispers and wisdom of your soul.

Neptune in Pisces until 2027 is THE time to develop your dream practice and now this fantastic book is out! I love mine.
— Mystic Medusa
I love this journal more than cake.
— Lis, Little Fox Tarot
Liked the down-to-Earth tone of the author, and enjoyed the broad variety of topics covered. Would recommend to any person interested in beginning their spiritual journey.
— Adinello, Amazon Reviewer

Available in digital and print!

Virtual Sessions

Life can be scary, overwhelming and frighteningly . . . good. When life has thrown you a curve ball, for better or worse, the emotions that come along with it can make it difficult to tap into your own inner navigation system. Book a session with me and I'll help take you from swabbin' the decks to captaining your ship directly through the darkness, towards the second star on the right and straight on to morning-- where everything looks brighter.

Instructions for purchasing a session:

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Your True Self Mediation

Remember who you truly are meant to be in this world and gain clarity about your soul's purpose and mission in this lifetime. This meditation can also help you connect to your intuition at a higher and clearer level.

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