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Spiritual seekers yearning to connect their spirituality with the wisdom, guidance and healing of their ancestors in a culturally-appropriate and relevant way.


By the end of this course you will know how to create a permanent or seasonal ancestral altar and how to use it. You'll also be guided through creating an ancestral reverence ceremony for Halloween, Samhain, All Saint's Day or Day of the Dead along with learning why the veil between worlds thins at this time of year and how to harness this thinning. Along the way you'll learn some of the common ways the spirit world communicates with us, gain tips for honoring your ancestors on a daily basis and be encouraged to discover more about food, culture and your ancestral food history.


October 1- October 28


Your inbox and home


Tending the ancestors has become a lost art and practice for many of us. Re-igniting the ancestral flame can bring healing, blessings and resolution to our lives and to the lives of family members. Our ancestors are also are strongest connection to the spiritual knowledge that is our birthright and they are our fiercest allies and protectors. A Season With The Ancestors is designed to give you a solid foundational knowledge of ancestral tending and reverence that you can return to seasonally or incorporate as part of your daily spiritual practice (and it's also fun!).


Beginning October 1st, you'll receive four emails a week for four weeks: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The first three emails of each week will be instructional and include supplemental assignments and directions.

Every Friday you will also receive a summary email that bulletpoints what you learned this week and reminds you of any assignments so you can stay on track. Friday emails may also contain bonus mini-lessons or tips.



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Sample Preview Of Lesson Topics:

(subject to change)

Day 1: What is ancestral tending and why is it important?

Day 2: October 31-November 2 and the Thinning Of The Veil: What it means for you.

Day 3: Altars, shrines and offerings: differences and considerations

Day 4: How to create and activate an ancestral altar

Day 5: Decoding spiritual communication

Day 6: A guided meditation on meeting your ancestral guide

Day 7: Food, culture and the ancestors: discovering your food history to enrich ancestral offerings

Day 8: Rituals and ceremony for Ancestor Season: Preparation

Day 9: How to dedicate acts of merit to the ancestors for healing and blessing


Course begins this Sunday, October 1st!