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Following a spiritual path comes with puh-lenty of periods of uncertainty.

Spiritual growth can have you vacillating between feeling uber-connected and on-point one moment, and utterly confused and alone the next.

You are at a threshold for spiritual initiation and transformation. This period has been known as a Dark Night of the Soul, Stepping into the Void or the Dark Unknown. I call it Sacred Darkness. Because it is.

A Sacred Darkness Mentorship Is For You If:

  • You are being asked to surrender what has been and step into what will be and who you will be.
  • You know what you need to do but you just can't make yourself take any action.
  • You're having a hard time accepting the unknown, impractical, illogical and maybe even unwanted spiritual nudges you're receiving.
  • You don't want to let go of what is until you have a firm grasp of what is next ( . . . it doesn't really work that way, sorry!)

If you are going to make ripples in this world you will need to have a personal relationship with Sacred Darkness. You were born for this. And this won't be the last time you walk through the valley of the shadow of death either.

I can show you how to navigate this land with more ease and I can help equip you with tools and practices for the journey.


What's Included:

2 x 1 hour calls a month

We'll meet in a compassionate and sacred online space. During our calls we'll delve into what you're experiencing. Where you feel called. How you feel stuck. Your frustrations. Each session you'll receive a combination of intuitive counseling and energy work/healing plus ritual and practical exercises as homework. You'll leave each session feeling heard, held and with a sense of direction. In our very first session, I will read your Akashic Records to glean more about your life's purpose and path and how that plays into your current life experience.


Weekly Support

In between phone sessions, we can utilize email or a private Slack channel (your choice!) for continued support. Ask questions, share breakthroughs, vent a little. Share feedback on an assignment you were given. Whatever you need. I'm your sounding board and guide.

free gifts!

Initiation & Completion Gifts

Because the passing of one cycle to the next needs to be witnessed and honored. Also, gift-giving is my love language. The Initiation gift is always the same-- you'll officially be part of a sisterhood with this gift. The Completion gift is always hand selected and likely to include references to inside jokes. Because we're tight like that now.

life after the copper scarab

Investment & Commitment

After we put a ring on it, your commitment is $500 a month, with a minimum of three months. To start the process, follow these steps:

1. Fill out the contact form below and tell me a bit about yourself and why you're considering hiring me as your spiritual mentor. If you have any questions use the contact form for those too.

2. I'll get back to you and let you know if I think we're a good fit and I'll include scheduling instructions at that point (private mentoring space is limited).

3. I'll send you a contract. You'll sign it and you'll make your first payment.

4. If, after our first call together, either one of us decides that this isn't a good fit after all, you'll be refunded your first payment minus $200.

5. If we like each other (and why wouldn't we? Your hair is amazing and I'm always willing to tell you so) we'll keep going and we'll keep exploring your personal sacred darkness. Healing wounds. Dancing with shadows. Crying it out. Marrying your mind and body with your soul. Transforming lemons into lemon drop martinis.

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