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Guided Journey Bundle

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Guided Journey Bundle

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Each track in this bundle is inspired by an original and profound dream I've had. Following divine guidance, I've now created a journey through each of these dreams so you can discover the power and messages awaiting you in their folds.

When you purchase this guided journey bundle, you'll receive a zip file containing the audio track as well as an ebook with instructions, background information and journal questions to complete after your journey.

Track 1: Discovering Your Patron Goddess

Based on one of the most powerful dreams I've ever had, this journey will lead you through your subconscious to the archetypal goddess you most need today.

Track 2: Priestess Training

Journey to a goddess shrine where you will perform a specific act of devotion. This act will reveal important clues about how you can be of service to the world.

Track 3: Dreaming With The Ancestors

In this guided attunement, you'll journey deep underground to the realm of the ancestors. You'll meet with a dreaming ancestor guide and go through a specific ritual designed to open you up to divining guidance through dreams.

Track 4: The Guide Guild

Have you ever wanted to meet your guides and get an overview of the next big steps you need to take in your life? Explore Guide Intelligence HQ in this helpful and practical meditation journey.


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