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Hi! I'm Darla Antoine--

I help women navigate their sacred darkness: divorce, motherhood, culture shock, grief, illness, [insert your particular FML moment here] . . .

These periods of darkness can be characterized by loneliness, isolation, fear, confusion, paralysis, existential questioning, fantasies about running away with a pool boy . . . and other challenges.

The good news?

This period won't last forever.


You have a magnificent opportunity to come out stronger, more resilient and spiritually connected than ever.

I know. I've been there. Divorce. Motherhood. Postpartum anxiety and depletion. Moving to a new country where I don't speak the language-- twice. Ancestral grief and trauma.

Darla is exceptionally attentive. I feel supported and guided throughout her courses and healing processes . Most of all, I feel safe with her and her mentoring. She has shown great sympathy, and empathy to my stories, my needs and my journey
— M., New Zealand

Together we can navigate your sacred darkness and use it as your soul originally intended: as the fires of brazen spiritual transformation and initiation. You'll not only make it through this time, you'll make it out clearer, stronger, and more powerful than ever. The chapter after this dark one? Will be your best yet.

Grab my hand, the first step is to uncover who you are truly meant to be in this world. Find out more, here.

In love and sacred darkness,


Kind Words:

There is something so calming and nurturing about Darla’s spirit. Darla has made me pay attention to my spiritual side— something I tend to be resistant to— but as a result, I feel more at peace amidst all of life’s daily stresses and annoyances.
— Shelley Davis, USA
Darla is amazingly gifted in her insight. She’s one of my all time favorite go to’s for any and all questions on the Divine Feminine, finding ways to connect with your ancestors, and anything dream related.
— Keva Bartnick, USA
Working with Darla is the perfect mix of working with a mentor, professional and kindred spirit. She shares her knowledge and wants to nurture you to find your own spiritual path by giving you the tools and holding your hand on the journey. She regularly checks in with you and provides a quality service to you in her specialized area of divination, dreaming and ancestral work. When you speak to Darla, it is like talking to an old friend, who never judges and gives you gentle suggestions to assist you on any issues you may have.
— Mary De Silva, Australia