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Hi! We're temporarily closed for remodeling and will be up and running again sometime in November 2017.

I've been working hard behind the scenes with a designer and a business mentor to bring you an all new experience.


Here's what you can expect:

Dreamwork and Divination

I'll still be talking about dreamwork, shadow work and ancestors but the context will be shifting. Ancestor work is taking center stage and dreamwork (divination too!) will be a supplemental technique as it is useful in receiving divine and ancestral guidance.


Social Justice and Ancestral Activism

I'll also be dusting off my M.A. in intercultural communication and using it to explore cultural shadows while healing cultural and social wounds such as racism, homophobia, genocide, internalized oppression and sexism. (Hint: this is all ancestral too). I'm calling this work Ancestral Activism.


Food and Culture

My specific area of expertise in intercultural communication is in food and culture and how food creates and sustains our cultural lineage (ancestors again!). I'll be using this expertise, along with my experiences as an accidental homesteader, to deepen into ancestral work as well as kitchen witchery and feminist domestic rituals and practices.


In the meantime, join my Secret Society to be the first to know when the new site launches (there will be special offerings and freebies!). You can also continue to access the blog or follow along on Instagram!


Books and Courses Available:


DIVINA: A dream, divination and lunar journal designed to amplify the whispers of your soul--- a cult favorite!

DIVINA: A dream, divination and lunar journal designed to amplify the whispers of your soul--- a cult favorite!

Darla is exceptionally attentive. I feel supported and guided throughout her courses and healing processes . Most of all, I feel safe with her and her mentoring. She has shown great sympathy, and empathy to my stories, my needs and my journey
— M., New Zealand

In love and sacred darkness,


Kind Words:

There is something so calming and nurturing about Darla’s spirit. Darla has made me pay attention to my spiritual side— something I tend to be resistant to— but as a result, I feel more at peace amidst all of life’s daily stresses and annoyances.
— Shelley Davis, USA
Darla is amazingly gifted in her insight. She’s one of my all time favorite go to’s for any and all questions on the Divine Feminine, finding ways to connect with your ancestors, and anything dream related.
— Keva Bartnick, USA
Working with Darla is the perfect mix of working with a mentor, professional and kindred spirit. She shares her knowledge and wants to nurture you to find your own spiritual path by giving you the tools and holding your hand on the journey. She regularly checks in with you and provides a quality service to you in her specialized area of divination, dreaming and ancestral work. When you speak to Darla, it is like talking to an old friend, who never judges and gives you gentle suggestions to assist you on any issues you may have.
— Mary De Silva, Australia