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Virtual Sessions

Life can be scary, overwhelming and frighteningly . . . good. When life has thrown you a curve ball, for better or worse, the emotions that come along with it can make it difficult to tap into your own inner navigation system. Book a session with me and I'll help take you from swabbin' the decks to captaining your ship directly through the darkness, towards the second star on the right and straight on to morning-- where everything looks brighter.


You, before a virtual session with me:

OMG OMG! I can't believe this is happening to me! What are the gods thinking?!?! I don't deserve ____________________________(insert massive blessing or crippling setback here). This is life changing and I need some answers and some Pepto, stat!


Me, when you book a virtual session with me:

[Takes a swig of the pink stuff and passes it to you, because now we're close like that]

Ok, ok. Calm down. I've been there. The good, the bad and the ugly: there's always a divine explanation. Take a deep breath. We're going to go knocking on some doors . . .


You, after your session with me:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. It all makes sense now. [Taking a dainty sip of your French 75 cocktail because now we're celebrating in our fancy pants] Darla, next round is on me!




What the heck are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a living, cosmic, library that I can access through a journey-ing/meditation technique. Every soul has a record in the Akashic Records. I use your birth details (place, time, date) to request your records. Your records contain information about every lifetime you've had on Earth as well as every lifetime you've had in-between Earthly incarnations (these in-between lifetimes are usually spent studying and learning, i.e. gaining your soul superpowers). The information I receive from the Akashic Records is entirely dependent on the quality of the questions I ask-- making my expensively-trained journalist brain a natural for this kind of work. I typically ask to understand the main one or two objectives you came into this life with, any influencing/related past life experiences that are still at play (for better or worse), your soul's superpowers (in-between life trainings that you can put to use in this life) and what you need to know/do at this time to propel you forward along this life's journey.


What is energetic healing?

"Energtic healing" encompasses a variety of subtle-body and spiritual healing techniques. In particular, I am versed in the following techniques: ancestral healing, cultural healing, soul retrievals, soul extractions, cord cutting and psychopomp work.


What are ancestral and cultural healings?

We inherit more than just genes and our eye color from our ancestors. Trauma, limiting beliefs, curses, illnesses, grief, rage and all sorts of other emotions and circumstances can be passed down from generation to generation. If you can't move past something-- a feeling, a belief, a circumstance, an addiction-- no matter how hard you try, there may be an ancestral pattern at play here. If you can look at your family tree and see a common pattern, or patterns, that is inexplicably present in every generation, it may be an ancestral issue. In an ancestral healing, I journey back to the originator of an issue and help them to heal the original wound. It doesn't change history but it does change the way you, your living family members and all descendants will move forward. It also helps the originator and other affected ancestors to move on fully into the realm of the dead, where they can be fully healed and become available to you to work with as healed ancestors. Meaning: if they've been hanging around as a ghost for decades or centuries, they can now move on. Which is good for them, good for the you and good for the world. See Psychopomp Work (below) for more.


Cultural healing is similar to ancestral healing in that it heals cultural riffs. When one culture has been preyed upon by others, healing can take place. A simple cultural healing does not fix The Holocaust, let's say, but it can move the lineage forward to a place of moving through the trauma rather than reliving it, and it's effects, over and over. Cultural healing involves healing both the perpetrating culture and the victimized culture through a process that seeks to restore an energetic balance of power.


What are soul retrievals and extractions?

When we experience a trauma, an insult or something frightening, a piece of our soul can sort of get stuck in that moment. Afraid to face it or to move on. I journey to a stuck soul piece and negotiate with it to return to you. There are usually conditions the soul piece has for returning and if you don't follow through with your agreement you risk losing the piece all over. When you are missing a soul piece you may have issues with stepping into your whole power and potential. You may find yourself repeating similar relationships, behaviors or circumstances over and over. You may even be mourning a lost passion or pursuit. Restoring a soul fragment can help restore your personal power and passions as well as help you kick limiting or destructive patterns to the curb. Here's an example:

When you are four years old, you witness your beloved dog get ran over and killed by a car. You're frightened and suddenly all too aware of the dangers of the world-- not to mention you're unbelievably sad about losing your friend and pet. A part of your soul freezes. She no longer feels safe in the world and she's not sure she wants anything to do with it. A part of you is now forever a scared and helpless four-year old. Thirty years later and you still can't bring yourself to have a pet, even thought your own four-year old son really, really really wants one and you can't seem to put your big girl pants on and face the reality of death: you skip out on funerals whenever you can. You won't create that final will and testament and you get irrationally anxious whenever crossing a street.

I journey to this four-year old you and find out what happened (you may not even consciously remember this incident until I come back with it). I explain to four-year old you that you are now 34 and could really use this missing piece of your inner child. Is there anything the adult version of you can do to make the four-year old piece feel safe and welcome in the present? Oh, why yes, there is. Could we hold a memorial service for the dog and then get ice cream? We sure can! So I tell you, you do it, and viola! You suddenly have the energy to move forward with your last will and testament, getting a family dog no longer makes you anxious and you cross the street without even thinking about all the things that could go wrong.


Huh. Interesting. And extractions?

Extractions are similar to retrievals but instead of retrieving a missing piece of your soul, I'm extracting something that doesn't belong there. An illness, a curse, gossip, a spiritual attachment, remnants of a trauma, etc. This can sort of overlap with both ancestral healing and psychopomp work as well.


What about cord cutting?

So whenever we form a relationship with someone or something, we form a cord of attachment. We form a wispy cord to the teller at the bank when we engage in three minutes of chit chat while she helps you sort out your bank account. We form a steel cable cord between our children or other people we fiercely love and interact with deeply and daily. But. Over time cords can be full of old wounds, betrayals and excited emotions that are continually pulsing through the cord and informing the relationship. Cutting a cord gives you and the relationship a fresh start. A burst of new and clean energy. In the case of the bank teller, regularly cutting wispy cords that don't mean anything can free up a lot of your emotional and physical energy.


And Psychop-- psychp-- no. Psychopomp? Is that how you say it? What is it?

So Psychopomp is a Greek word that means "soul guide." Psycho is soul and Pomp is guide. A Psychopomp is someone who guides souls to the Other Side, or to the Land of the Dead. Psychopomps can be humans, spirits, deities or other ethereal beings. Sometimes loved ones hang around because they don't realize they are dead or because they feel scared and alone. This can cause all sorts of problems for the living. Your departed loved ones can energetically hijack your life and motivations-- trying to live vicariously through you. You can begin to take on their illnesses and addictions. Or you could be experiencing a classic haunting by them and just be tired of being creeped out. I can help with that. I can help move them on.