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I fully believe that working with our dreams is one of the most ignored forms of divine guidance and psychic development. I also believe that anyone can begin to work with their dreams and that it can be easy and fun. Below are some ways that I can help or guide you:


Self-Study Books and Courses:

DIVINA journal

DIVINA: A dream, divination and lunar journal

The journal that started it all. This journal is highly intuitive and feminine. Record your dreams, divinations, lunar phases and menstrual cycles while keeping track of signs, synchronicities and the things you're grateful for.

Neptune in Pisces until 2027 is THE time to develop your dream practice and now this fantastic book is out! I love mine.
-- Mystic Medusa

A Course In Dreams

From sporadically dreaming to regularly receiving divine guidance and creative solutions through dreams-- in four weeks or less. This is the course for you if you are interested in using your dreams to explore other realms of consciousness and/or your deep inner self. Learn how to remember, re-enter and incubate dreams along with dream interpretation, working with nightmares and working with kids and their dreams. Audio + PDF

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Free Training

In this free mini-course (no opt-in required!) you'll learn: The difference between dreams and spiritual events that occur in dreams,why dreams are the perfect place to receive divine guidance, how working with dreams can bring more synchronicity into your life, Nine different kinds of dreams . . . and what to do with each one (how to interpret, act on, etc) and more! This is the perfect place to start if you're new to dreamwork or not sure if dreamwork is for you.


Guided Journeys

Each of the four tracks in this collection has been inspired by an original and profound dream I've had. Following divine guidance, I've now created a journey through each of these dreams so you can discover the power and messages awaiting you in their folds.


Private Mentoring:


1:1 Dreamwork Intensive

In this mentorship program learn dreamwork basics like remembering and re-entering dreams, incubating dreams and interpreting them. If/when you're ready, we can also work on advanced techniques such as dreamwalking, astral travel and lucid dreaming, all the while workshopping your dreams with me. This program is especially recommended for those who are ready to start utilizing dreams as divine and psychic guidance and as part of a dedicated spiritual practice.


Podcast Interviews About Dreams:


Healers: The Podcast

In this podcast episode I talk all about the dream that caused me to ask for a divorce from my first husband, the divine guidance that led me to Costa Rica and my second husband/baby daddy plus how you can access dream and ancestral guidance for your own life. As Elizabeth, the host, said, "get ready for all the goosebumps."


Clean Food, Dirty Stories

I joined my friend Barbara on her podcast to talk all about divorce, intuition and crazy love stories infused with healthy doses of magical and divine guidance. At the end of the episode Barbara, a raw chef based in London, tells us her favorite whole food for increasing intuition. (Also this was episode 13 of Barbara's podcast and 13 is totally my lucky number. For real. DOB: July 13th)