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Whether you've always been a cultural outsider or have just became one by moving to a new city or country, cultural transitions can be tricky, sticky and difficult to navigate.

It can also impact your spiritual growth and development: for better or worse.

If you feel like you're a cultural outside-insider, like you have a foot in two different worlds or you'd like to understand how your cultural identity and legacy informs and shapes who you are and your place in this world-- a Cultural Navigation Mentorship package is for you.

Together we'll make sure your cultural identity and legacy do have an impact on your spiritual growth and development, for the best.


What's Included:

2 x 1 hour calls a month, including ancestral healing

We'll meet in a compassionate and sacred online space. During our calls we'll delve into what you're experiencing. How you feel stuck, where you feel called. What you know about your ancestral history, what you'd like to explore or find out. I'll also guide you through an ancestral healing experience during each call and together we'll reflect and analyze the implication of your discoveries. I'll also draw upon my experience and expertise as an Intercultural Communicationist to help you understand some of the situations you've likely found yourself navigating for your entire life. As someone who grew up in her ancestral homelands in Washington state, but has moved to two foreign countries (three, if you count Iowa)-- Spain and Costa Rica-- I am also uniquely situated to help you through periods of cultural transition and culture shock.


Weekly Support

In between phone sessions, we can utilize email or a private Slack channel (your choice!) for continued support. Ask questions, share breakthroughs, vent a little. Share feedback on an assignment you were given. Whatever you need. I'm your sounding board and guide.

free gifts!

Initiation & Completion Gifts

Because who you were, who you are becoming and who you will always be needs to be honored and witnessed. Also, gift-giving is my love language. The Initiation gift is always the same-- you'll officially be part of a sisterhood with this gift. The Completion gift is always hand selected and likely to include references to inside jokes. Because we're tight like that now.

life after the copper scarab

Investment & Commitment

After we put a ring on it, your commitment is $500 a month, with a minimum of three months. To start the process, follow these steps:

1. Fill out the contact form below and tell me a bit about yourself and why you're considering hiring me as your spiritual mentor. If you have any questions use the contact form for those too.

2. I'll get back to you and let you know if I think we're a good fit and I'll include scheduling instructions at that point (private mentoring space is limited).

3. I'll send you a contract. You'll sign it and you'll make your first payment.

4. If, after our first call together, either one of us decides that this isn't a good fit after all, you'll be refunded your first payment minus $200.

5. If we like each other (and why wouldn't we? Your hair is amazing and I'm always willing to tell you so) we'll keep going and we'll keep exploring your personal lineage and history. Healing wounds. Dancing with differences. Crying it out. Marrying your mind and body with your soul. Transforming lemons into lemon drop martinis.

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