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From sporadically dreaming to regularly receiving divine guidance and creative solutions through dreams-- in four weeks.


Your Spiritual Practice After This Course:

  • You're saving time because you've learned how to meditate, pray and dream all at once . . . and while sleeping.
  • You've got creative ideas and solutions up the wazzu.
  • Your friends start to see you as some sort of wizard and bring all of their dreams to you for interpretation (fun!). You briefly consider buying a turban and a stall at the fair but decide against it . . . for now.
  • You've got more clarity, direction and power behind your passion projects and feel unstoppable (you are).
  • You're experiencing a more profound connection to the divine and this leaves you feeling peaceful and secure . . . and makes you more fun to be around (or is that just me?)


Free Training

In this mini-course you'll learn:

  • The difference between dreams and spiritual events that occur in dreams
  • Why dreams are the perfect place to receive divine guidance
  • How working with dreams can bring more synchronicity into your life
  • Nine different kinds of dreams . . . and what to do with each one (how to interpret, act on, etc)
  • Six different tips to consider for dream interpretation
  • Why I'm not a fan of the way most people teach lucid dreaming
  • How to learn dream walking, astral travel and lucid dreaming
  • How to learn dream re-entry and incubation

Courses Re-Opening Soon:

Womb wisdom.jpg

Learn about the four phases of your menstrual cycle (even if you don't bleed) and how they correspond to the lunar cycle. Cycle-sync your life for ease and oomph!

Life After This Course:

  • You now understand your own energy cycles and use them to your advantage.
  • You no longer beat yourself up for being in a funk-- you understand it's cyclical and you know how to leverage this time.
  • Your period no longer feels like a curse or an inconvenience, but you're not out there collecting your menstrual blood or sticking egg-shaped rocks up your hoo-ha either (not that kind of course).
  • You know exactly what day of the month to start a project and exactly what day to take a break-- and exactly why that's important.
  • You know when, why and how you want sex, and you can succinctly explain to your partner when and why you don't without feeling like an 18th century prude.
  • You know which days of the month you have a responsibility to veg out and skip your workout.


A five day course that walks you through connecting with your ancestors and building an ancestral altar.

Your Mojo After Working With Your Ancestors:

  • You experience synchronicities and divine interventions left and right.
  • You feel guided and protected in your daily life.
  • You notice your prayers and petitions have more ju-ju and a quicker response time.
  • Sage advice keeps popping in your mind during the day and you're always saying "why didn't I think of that before?!"
  • You've noticed that old (bad) habits are getting easier to kick.
  • You feel a palpable shift of energy in the air when you sit with your altar and it's kind of exciting.


Working with Darla is the perfect mix of working with a mentor, professional and kindred spirit. She shares her knowledge and wants to nurture you to find your own spiritual path by giving you the tools and holding your hand on the journey. She regularly checks in with you and provides a quality service to you in her specialized area of divination, dreaming and ancestral work; where you are excitingly waiting at your inbox for the next lesson.
— Mary De Silva, Australia