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The New Age Antidote


Today's brand (and it is a brand) of spirituality

is bursting at the seams with unexamined racial, cultural and socioeconomic privilege and is rampant with cultural appropriation.

Spiritual seekers are wandering further and further afield looking for the depth and sense of belonging that the latest crystal grid or trendy mala can't bring.


You know. You used to be one of them.


You've read more books and attended more workshops than you care to count.

You've sat at the feet of a guru for this and a guru for that.

You've been vegan and you've been a lightworker.

But nothing seems to fill your spiritual cup the way you long for it to be filled.


What if you've been doing it all wrong?


What if we stopped looking to the high heavens

and started looking deep into the Earth?


What if we learned how to work with our pain,

and owned our shit instead of wishing it away with pretty lights?


What if we created a new cosmology

by resurrecting an ancient one?


What if we looked to the first ancestor

instead of the latest guru?


Introducing: Ancestral Healing Sessions

When you heal your ancestral pain and trauma, you let go of patterns and beliefs that didn't originate with you. You can also experience deep compassion and forgiveness for family dynamics and situations. It's also not uncommon to feel a sense of peace or of a profound homecoming.

Sometimes, an ancestor trauma has direct relationship to your own circumstances. Case in point, I've always deeply mourned and searched for my lost spiritual lineage on my mother's side of the family, the First Nations Side. But when I meditated for an ancestral healing session I was spontaneously shown a vision of one of my paternal Swedish ancestors. The vision took place about 300 years ago and it involved healing his own pain and trauma of voluntarily leaving his homelands, the place of his ancestors, for The United States. Suddenly it clicked that this was my story too! Not only was I mourning the loss of my Okanagan spiritual lineage that was violently taken away from my ancestors, I was mourning the pain and trauma of voluntarily leaving my Okanagan homelands to make a life in Costa Rica.

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