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When Your Subconscious Knows Better Than You: Ametrine

About this time last year, I went through a guided meditation that lead you to the top of a mountain to claim a personal power object. Honestly, I don't remember much about the meditation and it didn't really make me feel more powerful, personally. But maybe that was because I didn't understand the personal power object that I was given at that time.

As I lay with my eyes closed and received my personal power object, I noticed that it was a small crystal wand. The wand looked like citrine on the bottom and amethyst on the top. I held the wand to my chest and let it be absorbed into my heart. I took note that citrine and amethyst may be good crystals for me to work with and I forgot about the meditation . . . until almost a year later.

You guys.

That citrine and amethyst wand? It's a thing. A really, really pretty THING.

Ok any of you rock hounds out there probably already knew about ametrine, but I'm amazed that I saw a vision of ametrine long before I consciously knew that it actually existed.

According to this site, ametrine blends the metaphysical properties of both citrine and amethyst (seems obvious enough). It brings the healing and calm of amethyst and the cleansing and creative energizing of citrine. It is also associated with the third eye chakra, opening you to divination and focus during meditation. Ametrine is also an "in your face" kind of stone that brings deep-seeded issues to surface so that you can act and release them.

Now I HAVE to get my hands on some ametrine! The wand is an obvious must-have, but I'm also a bit of ring fiend and these are utterly gorgeous! And these angels! *swoon*

How about you? Have you ever had a vision or a dream about something that you didn't know actually existed? How have you honored that vision?

Happy Spring!


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