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What Are You Trying To Get "Back To" (It's Not Worth It)

Getting your body "back" after kids. Getting your sex life "back" on track. Finding your way "back" to yourself after a divorce or loss. Getting "back" into your high school jeans.

The truth is, you can't go back.

The empowering version is: you don't want to.

Whatever it is that you're trying to get "back" to, is no longer worth your time or energy. The New You that used to _____________ wouldn't even find it worth her time any more. Your post baby body is more interesting, more beautiful and so strong. Your capacity to connect with a partner and experience pleasure is more powerful and deep than the younger, albeit perhaps hornier, you even knew was possible. 

Go onward and forward. Challenge yourself to scrap whatever it is you're trying to get "back" to and to deepen into a new, more meaningful, experience.

In love and sacred darkness,