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Using Tarot To Interpret Your Dreams

Oh am I tickled to share this one with you.

I set the intention several weeks ago to share a dream divination method utilizing tarot . . . only I didn't know any methods. I asked The Great Whomever to teach me a method--  was willing and open and waiting.

And boy did She deliver.

This is the fun bit about having a daily practice of recording (and thus, honoring) my dreams, intuitive hits, and synchronicities. I KNOW that if I put a request out there that it will be answered. And since I'm in the habit of paying attention, I rarely miss the answer when it comes.

But full-disclosure: This doesn't make me some intuitive goddess. Just this morning I was getting ready to make my weekly grocery store run (I live two hours from civilization) and as I grabbed Andy's debit card my intuition clearly told me to take cash.

See, I'm not on Andy's bank account here in Costa Rica because we aren't legally married and it's easier for tax purposes if my name isn't on his bank statement. Instead, I use the debit card at an ATM and retrieve cash for my errands. It's one extra step but I think it makes things more simple in the long run.

Anyway, back to my intuition.

It tells me to take some cash this morning. But that advice is inconvenient to me. I have a lot of shopping to do, I'm not sure we have enough cash at the house, I'm already on my way out the door and I really don't want to run back upstairs and scrounge around for a few hundred dollars when I can just go to the ATM located inside the grocery store.

So I leave.

Three hours later, I'm at the Costa Rica version of Costco, cart loaded and ready to check out. I go over to the ATM-- it's not working.

I should have taken cash.

Luckily, my sister-in-law lives nearby and bailed me out. After we left the store I made my next stop the ATM at the actual bank so that I could pay her back. No ATM services. Systems are down for maintenance.

I should have taken cash.

But as I say in ORACLE, sometimes you have to ignore your intuition to hear it.

ANYWAY. This is not why you clicked on this blog post! On with the tarot tutorial!

I will not claim that this method is original, because I don't know if it is, but I will say it came to me on it's own, serendipitously, and now I am handing it to you to make it your own.

Dream Divination With Tarot

To use when a dream is sticking in your craw and you can't quite figure out what it means. Also great for mining more information from a specific character or area of the dream.

Required Divination Tools: A tarot deck. Oracle decks will not work with this particular method. I am using The Wildwood Tarot

Also Recommended: Pen and paper.

The Setup

As you may know, a tarot deck is comprised of 78-cards split between a major and a minor arcana. The major arcana are also known as "trump" cards and the minor arcana is similar to a standard deck of playing cards: four suits, numbered 1-10 and with four face cards in each suit-- Jack, Knight, Queen, King.

Take your tarot deck and separate all of the major arcana cards, placing them facedown in a pile-- there should be 22 cards.

Next, place all numbered cards facedown in a pile, no matter to the suit-- there should be 40 cards.

Finally, make a third pile of the remaining court (face) cards-- there should be 16 cards.

On a piece of paper, write down all of the key characters or places in your dream that you would like more insight on. This list may be limitless in length but also may be as short as one item. For this example we will work with one of my dreams from many years ago. Here is a shortened version of the dream:

I find myself naked in a cave. There is a small fire in the middle of the cave and a large man sitting to the left of the fire. His hands are on his knees and he sits with his eyes closed as if in meditation. He is also naked but I note that there is nothing weird about us being naked together.

There is a handsome, young, indigenous man waiting for me. He is standing between the meditating man and the fire. He is not naked and wears a simpleloin cloth of sorts. He looks very powerful, physically and otherwise. He reaches his hand for me.

As I step closer to the fire, I notice that the walls of the cave are lined with men, standing in sleep against the earth walls. "When will they wake up?" I ask my young guide.

"When they are needed," he answers simply. At this, the Meditating Man snaps open his eyes and meets mine. His eyes are kind but there is an air of impatience. I understand that I have been assigned to him, or him to I, and he has been woken for this moment. He takes charge.  He instructs me to make myself comfortable and sit before the fire, facing it. The younger guide positions himself behind me, hands poised above my head but not touching me. Meditating Man instructs me to close my eyes, relax, focus and using my mind's eye, look into the area directly above the flames of the fire. When I signal that I am ready, he nods to the younger guide to place his hands on my head. I understand that he will be transmitting an image to me and the test is to see if I can pick up the image successfully-- an initiation, a link, a relationship, is being formed this night in the cave. "Tell us what you see . . . "

It's been close to 10 years since I had that dream, and while I've got a few ideas, I'm still not confident in what it all means. Let's see what the cards have to say:

I've decided that I want more insight on Meditating Man, young hot guy-- I mean, guide, myself in this dream, and the cave. Here's how you play:

The Execution

Step 1: Pick up the pile of major arcana cards and shuffle them as you think about your dream. Ask, "What is the overarching theme or energy in this dream?"  Then pull a card that calls to you and put it face up.

Step 2: Pick up the pile of court cards from the minor arcana and shuffle them as you think about one of the particular elements you want to know more about. "What does Meditating Man represent or bring to the dream?"

Repeat for the remaining elements to explore-- in this case: the young guide, myself, and the cave.

Step 3: Shuffling the pile of numbered cards ask "What action does this dream want me to take?"

Alternatively, you can also pick a numbered card for each element you chose in step 2. "What action does ____________ want me to take? But for most dreams, I find this a bit overkill.



Overall Theme of the Dream

Inner-reflection, an initiation, a journey of the soul into deeper awareness and wisdom


. . . yep. I'd say so.


Meditating Man

Protector; signifying the beginning of an apprenticeship; someone to help me manifest dreams (literally).

Younger Dream Guide

Guardian of mysteries; a visitation from a vigilant guardian; signifies study and application, energy and enthusiasm for a new project.


Fertile with potential; the dream has brought me a companion. Be bold and independent with the gifts and messages this dream has brought. Step into your own. Execute it like a queen.

The Cave

Represents the underground, the sovereignty of the land, secrecy, vision, dreams. New beginnings; the edge of something new.

Action to Take on the Dream

Seek out nourishment from a spiritual source, but keep the energies (earth, spirit) in balance. Prepare to expand into a new enterprise. Time of study and preparation. Set sights on, and prepare for, new horizons.

In addition, a number of pages and bows (wands) show up in this spread. Pages reinforce the idea of a new beginning, or of being initiated into a new journey in this life. The bows, represent the areas of intuition, creativity, spirituality, etc.

Yes, I believe this dream was an initiation. I was gifted a (hot, young) dream guide and met an ancient earth spirit ally in the form of Meditating Man. I can trace this dream back to a time of new beginnings that put me on the path to where I am now-- shortly after this dream I began to train as a professional intuitive and this dream caused me to pick up the habit of dream journaling once again.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the insights and articulations brought forth from this reading! If you are a more experienced tarot reader than myself and see anything else in these cards, I'd love to hear it!

If you try this dream divination I'd love to see it on instagram or twitter! Use the hashtag #divinadreamjournal and I'll be keeping an eye out. I can help with interpretations too!

Sweet Dreams!


Image credit: The Mountain Dream Tarot-- at the top of my "Must Acquire!" list!