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Tiny Altars Part 2: Digital Altars For Badass Boss Babes

You may have an altar in your bedroom, hidden in a drawer. Or perhaps it's front and center in your foyer, gob-smacking your guests with Divine Love as soon as they walk in your front door (good for you). Maybe you don't have a foyer but you've got some crystals hiding out in your door jam (I do).

No matter where, why or how, if you have an altar you ideally are paying attention to it, refreshing and respecting it, regularly. Your altar may be for your ancestors, or for a favorite god or goddess. Your altar may be (and can be) for a specific energy, dream, experience, or healing you are trying to manifest in your life.

As you can see, there are a lot of allowances for altars. You could probably even consider your vision board to be an altar of sorts. My desk is definitely an altar to the muse of writing.

An altar is really just a dedicated space. Re-framing how you think about dedicated space can help remove some of the obstacles to creating and maintaining an altar.

What if I don't do it right? (There is no wrong way)

It's going to take too much effort to create (It can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like it to be)

I don't have the time or the inclination to sit in front of my altar for an hour every day (You don't have to. 2-3 minutes is just fine)

My partner/roommate/children make it impossible to have an altar (That's the point of this Tiny Altar series, to show you how to create an altar that doesn't take up too much room and can be kept private if need be)

Re-framing how I think about dedicated space got me thinking: This website is a dedicated space. A digital dedicated space. I should put an altar here! 

Have you ever thought about putting an unlinked (even an unpublished or a password protected) altar on your website?

Heck, you could even put it in your navigation bar, loud and proud if you want to. But sometimes these sorts of things are best left as private. Doing things for show, or doing something you know someone else is going to see, can alter (ha!) the intention or energy that goes into the project.

That said, I think any Badass Boss Babe would be wise to create a digital altar-- a dedicated space to hold the intentions of your work, to call in the appropriate celestial aides, and to pay homage to those who have come before you, whether that be ancestors, angels, goddesses, pioneers in your field, or all of the above.

A digital altar could also hold space for your vision. An updated (or stripped back) mission statement of sorts. A mission statement infused with Divine intention and open to heavenly guidance.

16 Ideas For Your Digital Altar:

  • Add photos of deities that have dominion over your area of work
  • Add photos of Archangels, ancestors, and/or ascended masters
  • Add photos of your products or services as a way of laying them on the altar
  • Use Google images to add beautiful devotional pictures such as candles, rosaries, flowers, etc.
  • Add audio of Tibetan bowls or other sounds you like to have in your worship area
  • Add video of something important or sacred to you
  • Add photos of sacred places you've been or would like to go
  • Use your devotional altar a bit like a vision board and place photos that represent your goals or the big picture for your work
  • Write a prayer for your website and business
  • Write a gratitude list for your website and business
  • Write an prayer of intention or invocation
  • Shuffle your favorite oracle or tarot deck and ask "What energy do I most need to invite into my business at this point?" Pull 1-3 cards and after studying them to glean the message, snap a photo and add it to your digital altar to remind you.
  • Place client testimonials or a copy of your first big sale on your digital altar, as a thank you and as an invitation for more work that fuels both you and the client in a similar way.
  • Make a new altar for each new offering you create for the world: each book, each workshop, each course, each retreat.
  • Traveling for work? Why not create a digital altar for traveling? Add a picture of St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, along with whatever else calls to you. Snap a screen shot or pull up the page during your travels and meditate or pray as you feel called (during take-off if you're flying, for example)
  • Have a booming online business and looking for the perfect location to open a brick and mortar outlet? You could make an altar for that too. Add a map of your ideal neighborhood, photos of storefronts that are attractive to you, and any deities you'd like to call in to help you.

Consider using the top of the page as an area for the altar images, followed by a prayer or a declaration of intention, and then at the bottom of the page place photos of the items you are giving over in service or of the things you are trying to manifest/strive for.

How To Care For Your Digital Altar

Revisit your digital altar often, daily or weekly, and update your prayer or intention. Add a gratitude list as you go and add/remove photos as you feel called. There's no wrong way to do it!

This digital altar serves two purposes: 1) It anchors your intention for the website, whether that includes career goals or cathartic release. 2) It invites the divine/your ancestors/your higher self/your god to participate even more fully in the creation and inspirational process that goes into your website, courses, books, blog, podcast, etc.

Want to see mine? Follow this link and you'll be taken to one of my digital altars. Remember, you can absolutely keep your altar unpublished if you prefer. For me, you'll only find this altar through this link in this blog post. Otherwise, it's a private thing that I'm not advertising.

If you create a digital altar I'd love to hear about it!

Sweet Dreams,