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The Stone Ritual: A Dream Message


Show me something I need to know,” I had asked my dream guides before going to sleep. This is the dream they gave me:

I am following a woman. She is leading me to her favorite significant places and teaching me things there. She teaches me to start each ritual by sending white light to myself — past and future. She teaches me to then sit for a moment to absorb the light I’ve sent to myself from the past. She explains that over time, the healing and purifying white light energy builds upon itself so that eventually I will never be without it, as at any given moment Past Me and Future Me is sending it to Present Me.

She picks up three stones. One stone is for her mental body. One stone is for her physical body. One stone is for her emotional body. She holds the stones in turn, asking for a vibrant and healthy mental body that easily sheds what it no longer needs: negative thoughts, criticism, fear. Then she asks for a vibrant and healthy physical body that easily shed what it no longer needs: sickness, weight, pain.  She holds the last stone and asks for a vibrant and healthy emotional body that easily sheds what it no longer needs: embarrassment, anger, grief. As she holds each stone she charges it with the things she no longer needs, conscious and unconscious. She gives thanks to the Earth and casts them away, letting the Earth absorb the unwanted energies and transform it into life. She instructs me to do the same.

Personal Dream Journal, August 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, I've been reviewing my dream journal from this year. There are all sorts of golden goodies in it-- like this ritual. I'll be sharing my dream journal review process soon but thought this one was too good not to share immediately. Did you keep a dream journal this year? Care to share a magical message?

image credit: Umberdove -- Check this page out! Amazing rock art.