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The Most Important Part Of Interpreting Your Dream: How It Feels

When you wake up from a busy dream with a lot of crazy elements, it can be overwhelming when trying to figure out where to start interpreting the meaning of the dream, or if to start interpreting the dream at all. What if it was just a crazy dream releasing suppressed emotions and experiences? But what if it's the most symbolically packed dream full of life-changing meaning you've ever had? How do you tell the difference?

One of the best and most important things to consider when interpreting a dream is how did you feel when you woke up? If the dream was stressful and anxious but you woke up relieved to wake up and realize that it was just a dream, then it was probably just a stress dream.

Think about what was stressing you out in the dream and how that may play out in waking life-- if at all. How can you handle it in a way that eases the stress?


If you wake up from a stressful and anxious dream and you are still stressful and anxious then, if it were my dream, I would listen up. That dream is warning you about something. That dream wants you to take action to avoid or prevent whatever it was that was making you stressed out and anxious. Do not ignore this warning!

Likewise, if you wake up from a dream that was relaxed and calm, and you still feel relaxed and calm, wonderful. Try to bring in an activity, element or other aspect of that dream into your waking life to help keep that calm feeling going.

Paying attention to how you feel when you wake up is a huge indicator of what you should do with the dream. You’ll know by how you feel what you should do. Should you call someone and warn them about something you saw in your dream? When in doubt, I believe that yes, you should. But if you’re on the fence, let your feelings help you decide.

My most frequent stress dream involves me being really mad at my husband, usually for paying too much (inappropriate) attention to another woman. I always wake from these dreams relieved that it was just a dream and eager to tell him the hysterical lengths to which he drove me mad with jealousy and anger. I know that these dreams are just stress/insecurity dreams and not warning me about infidelity on the part of my husband. I know this because 1) he’s the most loyal guy you ever met and 2) because of how relieved I feel when I realize I’ve been dreaming. When I reflect back on the dream I can easily identify that the dream was fueled by insecurity and his motives for straying are always because I wasn’t giving him enough attention. These dreams ARE NOT warning me that my husband is about to stray but they are pointing to a sense of guilt and/or insecurity I have about often putting him last in the long list of things I have to give my attention to on a daily basis. I know this because of the dynamics of our relationship and because of how I feel both inside the dream and outside the dream when I wake up. The same dream may mean that yes, your spouse is straying, to another person in a different dynamic. But you won’t know the motives behind the dream until you pay attention to how you feel when you wake up.


Tomorrow morning, try to spend an extra minute in bed sitting still with your emotions. This is a great meditative “Be Here Now” type of practice on its own and all the more powerful when you apply it to your dreams. Identify how you feel and then try to relate that feeling to the last dream you had before waking up. What are the correlations? How should you act on the dream in light of your feelings? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments!

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