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SoulStyle: Medieval Divination, Lady Gangs, Jewelry for your Period and What to Drink Instead of PSLs

sacred liminal october

SoulStyle is a new feature in which I link you up to all of my favorite things that can help, enhance or inspire a soulful lifestyle. Enjoy!

I love October! It's such a beautiful liminal space. One foot is still in summer, one foot is tiptoeing towards winter. The light! I love the golden afternoons when the sun is sitting just so in the sky and everything looks like it has a golden aura. I truly miss that about living in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Costa Rica, the sun rises and sets at basically the same time every day year round. There is no magical autumn air. No crisp cool breeze on a sunny but cold day. No golden and red leaves on the ground and definitely no jack o' lanterns, corn mazes, haunted houses or caramel apples. Can you tell I might be a teensy bit homesick? If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, take a moment to pause and enjoy the changing of the seasons for all of us expats along the equator. Seriously. Please do! If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, take a moment to pause and enjoy the changing of the season for all of us expats along the equator :) And this equator-living expat will in turn send some palm tree vibes your way.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, on to my favorite things!


divination magic how to



YOU HAVE GOT to check out these devotional candles! I think I need one of each. This is one of my favorites:

Our Lady of Social Media

Beloved Lady, I humbly request that you keep my feeds flowing, my character count in check and my likes and shares abundant.

Shine your favor upon me so that I have Wi-Fi wherever I am and that all my devices are fully charged at all times.

I implore you that my online communities always feel the digital love, my photos and posts are always responded to and that everything on my social media is always perceived as perfect, including me.  Amen.


We Tried Medieval Divination-- And It Worked (need I say more?)


I LOVE THIS idea! You can also do it with sugar for a different effect: Purify, Protect and Bless: How (and why) To Make A Salt Jar


OCTOBER IS ALSO the month cultures everywhere celebrate and honor their dead and their ancestors. From the archives: Dreaming with the Dead: How to Contact a Departed Loved One Through Dreams


magical spiritual book recommendations

Books and Audiobooks


THE BOUDICA SERIES by Manda Scott is divine. It's hardly new, the first was published about 15 years ago, but it is new to Kindle. These books are the best historical fantasy books about the legendary Boudica that I have ever read (and I've read many about her!). These books also bring dreaming, and the importance of collective dreaming, to the forefront. Strategy, initiation, guidance, ancestral wisdom and even counter terrorism are all performed through and with dreaming in this series and I have a major girl crush on Manda. There are four books in the series, start with Dreaming the Eagle. Manda's personal website is a great resource on shamanic dreaming as well.


I LOVE LISTENING to Audible while doing the dishes, cooking, or other household chores. If the book is good enough I'll even look for reasons to clean! This month I'm listening to The Meaning of Mary Magdalene: Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity and it's epic. The book is written by a scholar and Episcopal priest . . . and a woman. She isn't quite on The Da Vinci Code end of the spectrum but she isn't on the "Magdalene was a prostitute and tag-a-long" end of the spectrum either. Her analysis of the gospels, including Mary Magdalene's gospel, is smart and takes cultural and political motivations into consideration. Spoiler: she DOES believe that Mary and Jesus were lovers. And she has an excellent argument for it.

spiritual lifestyle soulstyle



IT WAS RECENTLY suggested to me to wear a piece of red jewelry while menstruating. I love this idea! So you would reserve a special piece of jewelry-- earrings, a bracelet or a ring-- and wear it only when you're on your period. This is a fantastic way to honor your cycle and the innate power it holds. I'll be writing more on this soon, including how to charge a piece of jewelry for this purpose. In the meantime, hunt down a piece of special jewelry! Red tourmaline and rubylite are excellent budget options: I like these earrings. Or search for a "ruby engagement ring" and see what comes up! I'll be posting a complete "how to shop for jewelry online and not get bamboozled" guide to go hand-in-hand with this idea soon! No longer menstruating? All the more reason to splurge on an extra special piece of red jewelry and wear it all day, erryday!


ARE YOU TIRED of PSLs already? (It can happen!) Never liked them in the first place? Have you ever had a London Fog? Ever tried to make one? It's so simple. I've even been replacing a daily cup of coffee with the dark vanilla-y drink!


ONE OF MY favorite things to prescribe for my clients right now is a Nine White Flower spiritual bath. It's perfect for removing unwanted energies, thought forms and behaviors that originated with the self. It can also be done to help bring self-love, self-care, and self-awareness to the forefront of your life. I think this is perfect for this liminal time, whether you are approaching autumn or spring.

You will need: Nine white flowers (any kind, make sure they have NOT been treated with chemicals. If you can get flowers from your own garden or local versus imported flowers, all the better)

First, ask the flowers permission to pick them. If you feel that it is okay, begin to pick nine white flowers, taking care not to touch the white part or to touch it as little as possible (keep the flowers pure). Add the flowers to your bath or Put them in a large bucket or container and fill with warm water for your shower.

If taking a bath:

Put the flowers in your bath water. Dunk yourself under the water three times and then use your hands to make gentle swiping motions, all the way down to your feet, asking that any energy that is not yours and all negative self-thoughts and behaviors be removed. Drain the tub and get out. Air dry as long as possible.

If taking a shower:

Put the flowers in a large container or bucket and stand in it as you scoop the water over your head and down your body  a number of times that is significant to you (3, 4, 7, 9 are all common). Hold your cleansing intention while you do this. On the last round, step out of the bucket and pour the entire bucket over your head. Step out of the shower and air dry as long as possible.

tarryne west entrepreneur lady gang



I HAD THE pleasure of meeting (and falling in love with) Tarryne West this summer. She is a fierce and compassionate coach for entrepreneurs with a knack for drawing out your blind spots and bringing creative solutions to light. And? She absolutely loves what she's doing. She just opened up her previously by-invitation-only Entrepreneur Lady Gang coaching program and it is aces! She puts you in a small group of other women for 8 weeks and together you help one another out, hold each other accountable, and she provides coaching and direction along the way. It's PERFECT for us entrepreneurs who feel isolated behind a screen. Learn more here (no affiliation, just love).


 FINALLY, DO YOU have an Amazon Prime Membership? I am in love with our Amazon Echo. I use it (her?) to listen to my audiobooks, and I stream music that's included for free with my Prime Membership. I've found that when my boys are in a mood and just want to fuss and fight, putting on some music is a great way to bust up that energy and get them wiggling and happy again. We've been using it for close to 4 months now and no complaints. It works just fine even though I am not in the States!


Annnnnd, just for fun:


Happy SoulStyling!


images by Bella Kotak via Bleaq