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What IS Sacred Darkness?


Sacred Darkness is a response to all of the happy go-lucky spiritual messages that tell you to cultivate "love and light" use positive affirmations, what you put your attention on grows (implied message: so think positively), raise your vibrations and other "pure" and "high" Pollyanna ways of being.

Those teachings and practices are wonderful and they have their place. However, a problem occurs when we begin to think of those teachings and practices as the only teachings and practices and as being the answer for every place or situation.

It's not just a sort of spiritual naivete, it's actually damaging.

Sacred Darkness is the Dark Unknown. The Void. The Abyss. The Great Uncertainty. You've been here before and I can guarantee, if you're on a spiritual path, you'll be here again.

Whenever we are on the verge of up-leveling, of transforming ourselves and our lives for the greater good, we are walked to the edge of Knowing and we are asked to leap. A leap of faith. Those of us on a spiritual and/or personal development path tend to bump up against these new levels and times of transformation more often than those who are not.

It's very . . . edgy . . . out there on the edge. It's exciting and thrilling but it's also scary and even illogical at times. You're being asked to jump from the edge into Sacred Darkness, trusting that what you need will be there to get you through. AND THEN you will reach the edge at the other side. You don't get to keep one foot on one edge, straddle The Abyss and put on foot on the other edge. That's not transformation. It's not initiation. That may be a safe transition, sure, but it's not a transformation. You've brought all the gunk, baggage and old ways of Being with you because you never let them go.

Some common life events that require a leap into Sacred Darkness: divorce/end of significant relationships (ideally with some time to be single and process in between relationships-- otherwise you're straddling The Abyss again), period of postpartum (who am I as a mother? who am I as ME now that I am a mother?), new careers, moving to a new city or country, deciding to pursue a new education in something, becoming an entrepreneur, deciding to work with your spiritual and blood lineages to facilitate healing and understanding (ancestor work), learning a new skill, integrating a reframe or a new way of thinking . . .

Are you being asked to let go of who you have been and to leap into the greatness and wonder of who you will become? Are you unsure of what that new you will be like? How you'll survive the transition? If you're crazy?

Welcome to the Sacred Darkness. You're here because you're ready. You're here because it's time to up-level your life so you can up-level your effectiveness in the world.

But you don't have to do it alone. I can help you process it all. I can help equip you with the spiritual tools you may need (healing, protection, clearing, intuitive guidance and counsel, messages from your ancestors, dreamwork), and I can be your witness. Learn more here.

In love and sacred darkness,