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Sacred Adornment II: Creating Talismans, Amulets and Sacred Objects

astral light divine light

Before moving on any further, it's important you learn the following spiritual practice, taught to be by who else, but my mentor Mary Shutan :)

Today you will learn the basics of the meditation and tomorrow you'll learn how to apply it to talismans, amulets and sacred objects. So practice today so you're ready for tomorrow!

This meditation is also really invaluable for those dark days that feel so heavy and unfair. When you're in the thick of it with Divine Darkness and you aren't sure you can take anymore, THIS is the method I want you to turn to. It will remind you of your power, make you feel better, and can even make things go more smoothly.

It's called:

The Astral Light Method.

Okay, I'm going to try to not get *too* deep here, but, what is Astral Light?

My understanding is that Astral Light is the cosmic light Source that we are all created from. It's the Light "at the end of the tunnel," and it's the veil that we can learn to see and sense beyond.

The Astral Light Method is a key thing to learn as it has so many applications. You can use the Astral Light method to awaken yourself further, cultivate your spiritual power and to empower objects. We’ll be using it to do the latter though the previous two uses will be side benefits to some degree. The more we recognize that we come from, and are, this Astral Light, the more we begin to shed what it not of the light (trauma, negative thoughts and behaviors, drama, etc.). So, here's how you do it:

Step 1: First, acknowledge to yourself that you are constantly with Astral Light. It is a cosmic, divine energy that we are all made up of. Acknowledge it even if you can’t sense or quite believe it yet. If you’re having trouble with this, ask yourself “What would happen if I were made of Astral Light? What would it feel like?” Don’t get too hung up on this. Just try to acknowledge it and move on to step 2.

Step 2: Now focus on the energy moving up and down your spine and to your heart. Just sit with it. Focus on it. It should feel like a subtle stream of energy or water.

Step 3: From the front of your spine, imagine a door opening. This door is full of the divine energy and astral light. Imagine a column of this light streaming out of the door and from you. You can control how wide or how narrow you open this door.

Step 4: Let the light flow through you and into your energetic field/aura. This should surround you at least 6 inches from your body, all the way around.

Step 5: Ask the energy/light to heal and release anything that is not yours.

Step 6: Sit with the energy until you feel the door naturally closing or visualize yourself
gently closing the door when you are done.

If/when you make an effort to shield or protect yourself (in a large, overwhelming crowd, during a difficult argument, whenever you feel unsafe) try to do it through the astral light. Too many people mistakenly use their own energy to create a protective bubble around themselves, and this leads to fatigue and irritability. Anytime you want to invoke protection, do this exercise. Very quickly you will find that all you need to do is think about it and it will be done.

Other times to use the Astral Light method:
You can also use this method as part of your morning routine to get your day started off right, or as part of a healing practice, whether for yourself or on behalf of others. You can use it when you feel down or depressed, for protection, for clearing, to empower objects (more on this tomorrow), to pray over a spiritual bath or over food. Call on this method frequently to cultivate and radiate a strong sense of power and self which can help you magnify your work, your life and help you gain clarity on your life’s path.

But a few precautions: don’t do too much too soon. More is not better and faster is not stronger. Work with this visualization several times until it comes easily and naturally and you are sure that you aren’t using your own power (you'll know if you're using your own power because you'll feel drained, tired, sluggish or be hit with "brain fog"). Finally, this is an exercise that will energize you, if done correctly, so don’t do it before bed!

In Love and Darkness,

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