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Dream Stories: Rocketing (And Panicking) Through The Cosmos With Two Orbs Of Light

I became lucid as I was zooming through the cosmos, rushing to get back to my body. Stars and galaxies zoomed past me but I barely noticed. I had a laser sharp focus-- my body needed me.
I wasn't traveling alone either; two orbs of light zoomed along next to me. They thought all of this was funny and were trying to distract me from my sudden serious demeanor. I swatted at them like flies.

Meanwhile, back in my bedroom in New Mexico, I was coughing in my sleep and trying to wake up to take a drink of water. I could barely open my eyes to see that the sun cresting over the Sandia mountains. Dawn.

My attention snaps back to the cosmos. I'm almost back to my body. Hurry, hurry, hurry. How did this happen? My companions are full on taunting me at this point. They're a little miffed that our adventure had been interrupted but they can't help but tease me either-- "Haha! Look who has a body they have to get back to!", they sing. They think my predicament is hilarious and take the opportunity to remind me that they were, literally, free spirits. No bodies to get back to for them. Not yet anyway.

Phew! I've made it back to my body, just in time.

I finally manage to sit up. My throat is dry and the coughing is starting to make me feel raw. I feel my awareness come back in quick layers. I see two small orbs of light hovering over me and my bed, their laughter echoing in my ears. The more I wake up, the more they, and their laughter, fade. I try to get up and walk over to my desk where I've left a glass of water. However, I'm not completely back in my body and my knees give out under me. I fall to the floor and can't stand up. I begin to drag myself towards the desk and that damn glass of water, coughing all the way. In between coughs I start laughing. This is funny.

By the time I cross the room to my desk I'm feeling more myself and am able to stand. I take a drink of water and quench my parched throat.

Now then. Who the hell were those orbs and how do I know them?

-- Dream Journal Entry, March 2011


I LOVE revisiting my old dream journals and remembering amazing adventures like this one. I've never had another adventure like this-- not that I can remember anyway-- but over the last five years I've come to believe that my cosmic companions were the souls of my sons, born in 2012 and 2014. I like to think we were out exploring the cosmos and making plans for our life together ;)


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