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Random Links and Life Updates

Hey look! It's my boys! Arlo, age 15 months and Cuen, age 3 years. October 2015, Washington State

Hey look! It's my boys! Arlo, age 15 months and Cuen, age 3 years. October 2015, Washington State

We are in the swing of high season with our guest lodge and we're all feeling the burnout. One group comes in, we wash the sheets, clean the lodge and make the beds to welcome the next group. In between we try to farm and spend time with our kids and keep up with life. We're really thankful for the business of course (it's going to keep us afloat during low season) but we're feeling our candles burning out. We're planning to take our kids to the beach next week. It's a sad fact that tropical beaches await us only two hours away and it's been over a year since we've gone. Please don't tell my children what an awful mother I am. Also I'm in no hurry. It's been 4 years since I wore a bathing suit and the way things are going it's going to be at least another year. #mommyproblems

So while I have a zillion blog post ideas, I'm having a hard time focusing and researching. Instead I find myself needing a lot of brain candy and I thought you might also enjoy my particular flavor of candy this week.

Oh and we're potty training Arlo.


Darla's Basket o' Brain Candy:


  • Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project Fame has a new subscription offering and it's genius. Checkout Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends for tell-it-like-it-is business advice and behind-the-scenes secrets of running an uber successful online biz ($25/month cancel anytime).


  • Thank you MediaHint for allowing me to watch Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime outside of the US! I'm obsessed with Mozart in the Jungle and chewed right through Downton Abbey (late to the game, I know). I cannot wait for the creator of Downton Abbey's new project, Belgravia. It's a story in 11 episodes released week-by-week in ebook and audiobook format (switch between the two!) with lots of extras like maps, information on the etiquette and fashion of the time, videos, etc. The first episode is free and will be released this week!


  • The mysterious Shell Grotto of Margate, England-- secret underground church for the Holy Mother? The workings of a madman with too much time on his/her hands? 2,000 years old? 100? Whatever the answers be, it's definitely another pilgrimage destination!



  • Briana Saussy is offering a community (public) ceremony for the Scorpio moon on April 22nd. How it works: You pay $10 and send Briana your petition, prayer, wish, blessing, intention, etc. Briana then lights a candle for you and incorporates your petition into the ceremony.  She does these little ceremonies pretty frequently and they always have a different theme.

This ceremony is right for you if you are ready and willing to:

Confront the places within you and within your life that feel broken so that you can find (and apply) the blessings they hold.

Hone in on the investments you have made and your current relationship to wealth – in all of its meanings – so that deeper resource may be called into your life.

Learn more here.


  • Moving Beyond The "I"-- Releasing Spiritual Narcissism  If you roll your eyes at New Age "love and light" and "you're a special unicorn" bullshit (like I do) you are going to LOVE Mary Shutan. I'm doing some one-on-one work with her and can't wait to share what I'm learning. Woman is powerful and no nonsense . . . and also compassionate and kind.

Most people, in fact, come to a spiritual path to fill that empty place inside. They go to the workshops, read the books, and may even meditate or do self-growth activities (yoga, etc). These are all wonderful ways to get in touch with who we really are, and to transcend some of the traumas and limitations that we have imposed on ourselves (or had imposed on us). This feeling of being “special” is really necessary for those new to the spiritual path, and considering the amount of things having to do with escapism in our culture, and in our world (anything that pulls us away from our every-day lives and physical bodies), having a myth that you are goddess, or that the trees just speak to you, or that the entire universe emanates from you is a bit better than some of the other choices on the “escapism list”

But this is really a test, an initiation, as I mentioned. And it has to do with the basic choice that many people do not recognize that they have . . .



  • If you're pregnant, may someday become pregnant, or have had a baby at some point in your life-- you may want to check out Bellies Inc., and their unique reconditioning program for "mummy tummy." I'm starting this week and hope I can get my flat belly back . . . at least to a degree.


  • Tell me you know about iFixit? You can order a replacement part to just about any phone or tablet--  along with a specialized tool kit and step-by-step repair instructions, complete with photos. My husband has had two iPhones in his life and he's 2 for 2 on breaking their screens within the first week of ownership. iFixit saved the day both times.



  • I haven't watched these yet, but apparently there are some TED videos that have "they" have tried to censor or ban? If this is old news, I apologize, I live a bit under a rock. But geez, I'm surprised they have videos to ban! Isn't their vetting/invitation process pretty thorough? Or is this all a conspiracy to get us to look at the "banned" videos while they do something else? Or curse us with subliminal messages . . . :)

Ok, see you next week unless I'm at the beach!