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Psychopomp Chronicles: How I Learned Not To Fear Working With The Dead

My psychopomp mentor had sent instructions to first clean, clear, protect and ward my house-- iron nails nailed into the ground and everything.

This preparation protocol was not helping my nerves.

I had signed up for this pyschopomp course (I'd link to it, but she's not offering it anymore), because my soul had told me too, but I was dragging my feet the whole way. I was frightened at the idea of opening myself up to talking to ghosts and other spirits but I also knew that I had to follow the internal guidance I was receiving and that my fear and trepidation was also a sign that I was being pushed past my comfort zone and would likely experience a lot of spiritual growth as a result.

So I cleaned my house from top to bottom and back to front. And then I used palo santo to clear it, from top to bottom and back to front. Next, I used a protection formula to create a sort of tea to five spot all of my windows, inside and out. Finally, I took four large iron nails and drove them into the ground and each of the four corners of my house, muttering words of intention and protection the entire time.

Afterwards, I actually felt a bit more empowered and excited about the whole idea of opening up a psychopomp office in my home, for former humans (and eventually non-humans) to seek counsel and the death current.

But the next step still had me a bit nervous. The next step was to pick a place in my house (I picked the spare bedroom), and clearing mark it's boundaries with palo santo, making it very clear that no spirits were allowed outside of those boundaries in my house. So far those boundaries have been honored-- except the one time a spirit opened the door to that room. I reprimanded them and told them they had to wait for my office hours. ha!

Next, I created a waiting room, in the form of a quartz crystal, for spirits who are ready to move on and don't need to talk about it or heal or anything more advanced.

Then I set up office hours: Thursdays at 10:00 a.m., stating this very firmly in the waiting space and asking the spirits to have patience with me as I was learning.

Then I nervously waited for my first Thursday at 10:00 a.m. appointment.


The big day came and I was silently looking for excuses to cancel. I didn't know what to expect. Would I feel sick or threatened? Would things start moving in the room?

I called in the six directions, gave my offerings, called in my helping spirits, pyschopomp beings and the death current. There was a palpable shift in the air . . . but it was a comforting and empowering shift.

And then I began working with the spirits . . .

(continued tomorrow)