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3 Steps To Your Best Dream Journal Practice

If you're a strong dreamer you probably took one look at the 10 little lines reserved for dreams in DIVINA and thought "Oh hell no!" If you aren't a strong dreamer, well, our aim is to make you one.

But here's the thing: DIVINA isn't just a dream journal. If it were then it would just be pages and pages of blank lines and I'm pretty sure that's already been done. DIVINA is compendium-- atool for recording, compiling and reflecting on your daily life. In addition to dreams you will be tracking your intuition, your intentions, your divination practice and more. For this reason, I suggest that you have an additional notebook on hand for recording your dreams (and get one of these pens with the fancy little light so you can record in the middle of the night! #poetanddon'tknowit). I use a red moleskin (and yes, that is a Jungian reference), though any notepad or notebook will do.

In the following steps, I will walk you through incorporating a DIVINA journal into your dream journal practice and highlight its advantages.

Step 1: Draft your dreams in your notebook

Keep it by your bedside and write your first draft of dreams in this book. Scribble them out first thing in the morning, make a bullet list to come back to, run and grab it when a dream slams back into your consciousness while you're making avocado toast. Trust me, this happens.

Step 2: Use DIVINA as an index of dreams

Take a moment to transfer the strongest dream, or the dream(s) that you feel needs to be worked with, into your DIVINA journal. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Give the dream(s) a title and a brief synopsis
  • Make a simple bullet list of the main ideas or themes from the dream
  • Give the dream a title and a quick note on how you felt when you woke up
  • Transcribe the dream word-for-word and write down your initial interpretation.

It's all up to you. Overtime you will find the flow that works best for you and your style, but this next part is key:

At the end of your DIVINA entry for the dream, cross reference to the notebook so that Future You can find the original and/or the other dreams from that night/time period, for context.

For example, on the outside of my red moleskin I wrote "Dreams Vol. 1" -- if I had a dream that took four pages in my red moleskin, I would go to DIVINA and write the title, a few key points and perhaps a knee-jerk interpretation. Then I would write "ref: Dreams Vol. 1" at the end of my DIVINA entry. Someday when Future Me flips through DIVINA, I'll have a much easier time navigating back to the original dream journal entry.

And yes, my next red moleskin will be titled "Dreams Vol. 2."

Step 3: Use divination to work with your dream

Keep the dreams you chose to write in DIVINA in the back of your mind throughout the day or the next several days. See how they might be playing out in your waking life and be sure to track all of this in DIVINA along with the dream-- write it under Magic That Happened Today, Divinations, or Other. Here are a few ways to use divination to work with your dream:

Cledonomancy-- Divination through chance meetings or remarks

Did you overhear someone say an exact phrase you heard in your dream? Did you run into someone who was in your dream? What was the context of the meeting or overheard remark? What were you thinking about or feeling at that moment?

Kairomancy-- Divination through synchronicty

Did your dream literally come true? Was the subject of your dream brought up by a friend? Did you break open a fortune cookie only to have the message be spot on about your dream?

Cartomancy-- Divination through cards

Did you do a tarot reading that reflected the theme of the dream or gave more insight to the dream? Did you find a lone playing card on the sidewalk? Look up it's traditional divination meaning. Did you find or receive a business card from someone who may apply to the dream?

As always, you can learn more about DIVINA, or buy your own copy, here.

Sweet Dreams,