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Preparing for Divine Darkness

As we begin to wind down this season of Holy Days, I wanted to write a quick update about January's symposium on Divine Darkness. There are only 3 more days to take advantage of the pre-sale special.

First, no matter your spiritual persuasion, this time of year is an opportunity to tell the story of a Goddess who sacrificed her son. Mary and Jesus. Isis and Horus. The Earth goddess and her mortal King consort/son. Even Demeter and Persephone. Our symposium will be focusing on the Divine Feminine in general and the dark side of Divine Femininity specifically. This does NOT mean evil, cruelty, ugliness, although that is certainly what we have been taught to believe, subconsciously or consciously. The Divine Darkness is really about the bits of femininity that aren't "polite" to talk about: Bleeding. Sex. Birth. Death. Feminine rage. Lust. Sensuality. Vanity. But Divine femininity is also about the nurturing of self and others, being the setter and keeper of boundaries. Being your family's wise woman and healer. The problem I see is that we talk to much about one (light) without the context and balance of the other (dark) and we can't really embrace the return of the goddess, the return of the Divine Feminine, without exploring and embracing the dark aspects as well as the light.

Second, there is so much She wants me to tell you! Daily, I am inspired with new topics to teach and it is very exciting-- thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach.

On that note, here are are some . . . notes . . . on my teaching style:

  • I use "Divine Darkness" and "Divine Feminine" interchangeably within this course.


  • While I intend to include many cultural versions of the Dark goddess, this course has a Judaeo-Christian bend that focuses heavily on Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene


  • I have a problem with today's "goddess" movement. I'm sure they would say I'm projecting and that I need to turn within to discover blah blah blah but I also have a problem with psycho-spiritual platitudes that bring everything back to the Self-- me me me yuck yuck yuck. I also find a lot of the goddess movement, while certainly well-intended, is full of fluff and edutainment that is the spiritual equivalent of a highly processed snack. It does the job but a few hours later you're back in the kitchen rummaging for more. I'm interested in the spiritual equivalent of a nice, homemade, slow-simmered stock. Something nourishing that you can sip on its own or use to build the meal your body and soul really needs. Something you can pass on to your children and grandchildren. All of that is to say: There will be no fluff in this course. I will not hold your hand and do the work for you. I WILL do my best to make the course exciting, fresh and pleasure to a part of. There will be things you don't want to hear. There will be uncomfortable subjects. You are welcome to disagree with me. I hope you DO disagree with me on some things. It's my job to provoke and inspire and spur you onward in your spiritual practice, not coddle you with recycled rituals and platitudes. I hope that excites you as much as it excites me :)


  • Also I often use the word "matriarchy" or "matriarchal" in place of "goddess" simply to avoid the negative and fluffy connotations of the New Age goddess movement, which is sadly filled with an un-examined male-gaze approach to spirituality.

If this resonates with you, or piques your interest, you're in the right place.

I'm getting really excited for January 1st! We're going to be exploring sex, death, blood, and the sacred and mysterious symbolism surrounding these topics: jewelry, crowns, pomegranates, figs, stones and mountains to name a few! We'll also discover your own personal mythos of the Dark Feminine and how She is present in your life-- and how to empower yourself around these stories.

Until then, I'm giving away sneak peaks, tips and tid bits over on Instagram!

Happy Holy Days,

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