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Obsession: Stress Imbalance or Divine Inspiration?

Obsession can be a sign of an imbalance . . . or it can be a sign of divine inspiration.

How do you tell the difference?

When divine inspiration strikes, your heart will race and you'll find yourself pacing the floor, muttering and/or gesturing wildly as your physical body downloads and processes the new idea and the new possibilities that come with it.

You won't be able to think about much else until you start taking some sort of action to manifest your divine inspiration into the physical world.

For a day or two you may eat less, sleep less and . . . shower less.

But. After a day or two, you will feel sated. You will still feel excited and maybe even nervous, but you'll know that it's time to step back and give your new creation a little room to breathe and come into its own before you start tweaking and adding and sharing.

If you don't reach this point of healthy release within 2-3 days, if you're no longer driven by joy and rather by impulse or compulsion-- you may have a mental or emotional imbalance and will need some help identifying the root of this unhealthy stress.

I was struck by divine inspiration this weekend. My first thought was FINALLY! I've been chasing this particular flavor of inspiration for years. Decades even. I've chased it through and with my dreams, through and with my work on healing my ancestral line and through and with my own personal seasons of sacred darkness/dark nights of the soul.

I was persistent and stubborn even when I wasn't visibly getting anywhere. I knew the old adage was true: dark is always darkest just before the dawn.

And for two days I could hardly eat or sleep for my obsession. I've become obsessed/divinely inspired about the new web design for The Copper Scarab (coming next month!) and how I want her to look and feel and what I want her to offer.

And I also became divinely inspired about my work in the world and how dreams, shadows and ancestors all comes together.

To make way for this new inspiration about how to combine my work with dreams, shadows and ancestors, when the new site launches in late September, most of the current services will be gone and will be replaced with something bigger, better and more cohesive. That said, if you want to get in on a WTF? Soul Reading, Ancestral Healing, Guided Journey or if you want to do a private coaching program or a 2-hour coaching intensive for dreaming, dark nights of the soul or ancestor work-- this is your last chance. Carts close for these services, indefinitely, this Thursday at noon CST.  This is by no means the end of my work with dreams, shadows and ancestors. It's the beginning of something bigger and grander.

WTF Soul? Reading

Ancestral Healing

1:1 Guided Journey

2 hour Intensive on Dreamwork, shadow work or Ancestral work

3 month Dreamwork Coaching

3 month Shadow Coaching

3 month Ancestral Coaching