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I Can't Believe I'm Choosing To Talk To Ghosts

It's now been just over a year since I debuted my work with dreams and divination in the forms of my books and journals. Man, how much has changed. I am still passionate about dreams and divination but a year ago I thought the extent of my work in this world was dreams and divination. How much further I'd be pushed to go, I had no idea.

Turns out, 2017 is the year I learn to talk to ghosts.

* insert pissing pants emoji here *

More accurately, 2017 is the year I become a psychopomp.

The word "psychopomp" comes from the the Greek psyche (soul) + pomp (conductor) and is essentially someone who helps former humans (among other entities, but that's a subject for another day) crossover to the other side. Psychopomps can also help living humans crossover, or rather, let go of life, when their time comes. This is different from a Medium, who helps the living connect and communicate with the dead.

I'm scared and nervous and excited and wary. What will it mean to work so closely with Death? Well, I answer myself, you already love and have begun to work with the Dark Goddess, the goddess of death: The Black Madonna. This seems like the logical next step.

Yesterday I completed all of the prep work I needed to do to begin. I cleaned my house and then I energetically cleared it, protected it and then warded it. I also set aside some space and consecrated it as my office for working with souls (right now I am strictly working with only former humans who are ready to move on simply), and I set up a "waiting room." I told this space that I would only work with souls on Thursdays at 10am for fifteen minutes to begin with, my first office hours being next Thursday, January 19. eeek! So excited. eeek! So nervous!

I'm taking this psychopomp course from the ever-amazing Mary Shutan, and she's only offering it one more time, beginning in February. So hop on that train if it's something you are interested in!

Meanwhile, I'll be updating this blog every Friday with my newest adventures in psychopomp work. I can see that, at least on a trial basis, I'll be offering my services in Costa Rica to anyone who needs help clearing and protecting a piece of property or home. I also had a very interesting dream last night, that I'm not ready to share, that hinted at other psychopomp work I'll be doing, which includes a program I have in the works for later this year that will help women transition into both motherhood and menopause . . . stay tuned!

In Love and Darkness,