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How To Get Unstuck In Life, Love and Business

A few months ago, I was feeling very frustrated. Last year, 2016, I had invested a lot of time and money in learning energetic healing modalities, establishing spiritual relationships-- both with humans and with spirits-- and I became very clear on my calling/mandate to work with dreams, shadows (which I also call Sacred Darkness) and ancestors.

And yet.

Business still wasn't flowing easily and I felt a little like I had a mouthful of sticky gum in my mouth every time I tried to communicate about my passion and calling in life-- it came out heavy, clunky and less than succinct.

Last month, on my 35th birthday, I had had enough. I took action, took control and plainly asked for what I wanted and for what I needed.

In the six or so weeks since, I have experienced remarkable synchronicities, up-levelings and clarity.

If you're looking to bust through some beliefs, behaviors or mindsets, below are the things I have personally done and that have worked for me in just a few short weeks. Give them a try, put your own spin on them or take action on something that'sbeen niggling you for awhile but you haven't gotten around to doing. Any action forward will carry momentum and keep pushing you forward as long as you let it. How do you let it keep pushing you? You keep saying YES to the next thing and next thing that comes up. Read on to see what synchroncities and magic came up for me and how I said YES as an example.

Steps to getting unstuck:

No. 1 Ritual Bathing

First, I performed an impromptu bathing ritual that called in what I needed and washed away what I didn't. If you sign up for my email list, you'll get a basic bathing ritual recipe as a bonus on the day after you sign up. Ritual bathing is super important. It clears away unwanted and unnecessary emotions and energies allowing you to focus on and attract the emotions and energies that ARE necessary and important. Here's what I did-- I made it up on the fly. You can follow this or adapt and create your own:

I filled the tub with hot water, epsom salts and some earthy essential oils (use whatever appeals to you-- doesn't have to be "earthy"). Before getting in the tub I lit a candle for every five years of my life (easier than lighting one for every year of my life) and as I realized I had seven candles, one for each major chakra, I did this: I held each candle and thought about myself at the ages the candle represented. Starting with the first candle, ages 1-5, I sent love to myself on every one of those birthdays and I briefly reflected on the lessons I was learning related to the first/root chakra. I repeated with the second candle, representing ages 6-10 and the second/sacral chakra and so on. I lined the candles up along the edge of the tub and before getting in, I said a prayer out loud, to my guides, angels and ancestors. It was an impromptu prayer but the basic idea was I was calling them in to be with me during this bath and to assist me in washing away what needed washed away, healing what needed healed and calling in what I needed to call in.

I got in the tub.

I had a notebook and pen with me and intuitively asked what I needed to let go of. A few people who have really hurt me in the past and make me grumble now and again when I think of them, popped up. So I wrote them each a brief letter. I told them what I thought, felt, cussed them out a bit and said all the things I wish I had said then, standing up for myself. Then I also expressed forgiveness and asked for forgiveness and I imagined us embracing and cutting off any cords of attachment. This took about 20 minutes. 

Next, I ritually dunked myself under the bath water three times to wash all of that off of me. Then I took a few deep breaths and relaxed for a few minutes in the healing and nurturing water.

Finally, out loud, I just started talking to the spiritual support team I had gathered. I told them what I was frustrated about, scared about, stressed about. I asked for help. Guidance. I asked to call in the people that could help me.

I felt my energy shift.

I drained the tub, took my letters and wrapped them around some mugwort and threw it all in the fire and released it and the hurt feelings that it represented.

No. 2 Call In The Ancestors

At the end of the bath I also declared my 35th year to be "the year of the ancestors" and I invited my healed ancestors to step in stronger than ever and lead me and guide me. You can do this with or without the bath. Our ancestors care about us more than any other spirits can or will because they literally lived and died for us-- you've probably heard me say that before. They also can guard and protect us fiercely and help us affect change in our lives more directly and efficiently than most spiritual helpers. You don't necessarily have to declare this "the year of the ancestors" like I did-- indeed, you'd better mean it if you do (see what happened to me in the "results" section below), but you can start by just saying a simple prayer-- out loud or to yourself, that thanks your ancestors for your life and for your protection and then ask your HEALED ancestors to step closer and guide you. I stress healed because just because someone is dead doesn't mean they are healthy or smart. They may still have issues of addiction, scarcity, fear and other human trappings-- even if they've been dead for a few hundred years. So start with your healed ancestors. You can also daily pray to them to protect you and your family and guide you. 

No. 3 Parasite Cleanse


I started a parasite cleanse the day before my 35th birthday, with the intention that in addition to the buggys, all parasitic thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors also be taken out. I set the intention that this parasite cleanse would also be an energetic cleanse and help me get rid of old things and move forward with more clarity.

It has worked wonders. I used a two-step parasite cleanse called Parastroy by Nature's Secret. It's a 21 day program and I did the 21 days, took 2 weeks off and am now doing a second 21 day-round to kill off the eggs that the dying parasites left behind (ewww). It has really worked, physically and energetically. There are all sorts of herbal parasite cleanses on the market, so find one that you're attracted to and get to it! I've found parastroy to be gentle but effective. I'm going to bathroom 2-3 times a day but it's not emergency-inducing-- I always have plenty of time to find the bathroom ;P

No. 4 Heal Your Ancestral Lines

The day after my ritual bath, I serendipitously had an ancestral healing scheduled. It went well and the main message from my ancestors was that they wanted me to become "an activist." I didn't know what exactly they meant by that, so I asked them to show me and I promised to follow the signs . . . here's what happened:

No. 5 Take a small step as a gesture

Part of my frustration has also been my relative isolation here in Costa Rica-- I live two hours from a town or a city and I don't have any friends aside from my sisters-in-law. I wanted this to change as well. I called in some friends during the bathing ritual but then I also proved I was serious by committing to go to a gym 2-3 times a week for 6 months-- even though it's AN HOUR AND A HALF AWAY. This was to show that 1) I wanted to get off the farm more often 2) I was willing to be seen and 3) also was symbolic of my desire to be the healthiest version of me I can be-- physically and beyond. Obviously, I can't keep up a gym membership that is so far away forever, so this gives me and my guides a timeline: six months to give her other reasons to get off the farm and interacting with other people on a regular basis.

The Results

In six weeks, I've gotten more clarity around my business and soul's purpose than I've ever had. I was always on the right track but the puzzle wasn't clicking into place. Recently, a few puzzle pieces have fallen into place and they've been huge. I'm thinking bigger than ever, am excited more than ever, and have a lot of momentum. I don't mean to be vague about all of this, but I'm also in the process of having the website rebranded and redesigned and the "big reveal" will also reveal this clarity and refocusing on my direction.

Within two weeks of my bathing ritual and the mandate to "be an activist" and ancestral healing practitioner came into my life and his main message is all about ancestral healing as activism.


yes. really.

My heart started pounding and although he had a training program already closed for enrollment, and I didn't meet all of this training requirements (as in, he didn't know me from Eve), I emailed him and expressed my passion and desire anyway. After a few conversations for vetting purposes, he accepted me and next week I'm off to Oregon to begin a year long training in DEEP ancestral healing. As activism.

Which also led me to realization #2: my M.A. in intercultural communication, specifically my expertise in how we create and sustain our own cultural identities, is all a part of this. Again, I hate to be vague but more soon.

Once I realized this, I put a call out to three facebook groups I'm part of, asking for women to help me put together a cultural diversity training panel for spiritual leaders and coaches.

One of the women who responded? Lives five miles away.

She's Costa Rican, speaks perfect English and we met for lunch the next day and got along like bees on honey. We talked nonstop for two hours and could have easily kept talking for two more.

So that's life and business but what about love?

When you heal one part of your life, you heal all parts of your life. In this case, I've brought a lot of healing to life and to business both and they've had huge impacts on my marriage. I'm happier, lighter (energetically and physically) and let's just say it certainly has all revved up the passion a few notches.

I declared this entire year to be the year of the ancestors and look how much has shifted in just six weeks-- including a commitment to spend this year learning and practicing deep ancestral healing.

What commitment can you make that could change everything?

What If I Need Help Clarifying A Commitment To Being Unstuck?

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