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How To Combine Ancestral Wisdom With Spirituality (w/ swipe file)

Lately I've been yammering about how we need to go back to our own roots and begin our spiritual practice from there.

Myself, I've been searching for my own cultural and spiritual lineage my entire life. It was violently taken away with my grandmother when she was forced into a boarding school designed to "kill the Indian and save the man" in British Columbia around 1930 (these "schools" existed in the U.S. and Canada into the 1970s, see My Lineage for more).

This searching is was propelled me to study journalism in undergrad and then to go on to get an M.A. in intercultural communication from the University of New Mexico. Intercultural communication is the study of how we communicate between cultures. Between worldviews, customs, filters, lenses, social protocol, etc. During this time I also was fervently studying the occult both personally and academically.

I always thought my interest in the occult was just that: an interest. I also always thought I'd use both of my fancy degrees to go back to my homelands, my tribal community, and help the world better understand the modern tribal experience (more on that coming soon in conjunction with a post about the Dakota Pipeline protest).

But life has had different plans for me. I met and fell deeply in love with a Costa Rican and instead of living in a modern city like Seattle, I'm living on a homestead at 10,000 feet above sea level.

I couldn't have dreamt this life for myself if I had tried.

And oddly, it's been in being so far from my homelands that I've begun to learn to work with the energies and spirits of that land and this land. It's where the threads of my life began to weave together and I began to see the tapestry of my work as both interculturalist and spiritualist combine.

So then. I've put together a 10-Step guide to combining your own ancestral wisdom with spirituality. With spiritual practice. This isn't some hairy fairy guide full of silly rituals that will *poof!* make you instantly a glowing New Age goddess if you just add moon-blessed water. It takes work. It takes practice. It even takes getting it wrong and trying it again. GASP!

While, yes, you will experience some instant gratification and even perhaps a few instant results, you may not experience instant mastery or long-lasting gratification/results without practice.

And that's the whole point. That's what makes this work different than just another "best crystal for your rising sign" article or "best mantra in a language you don't understand for your sex life" tutorial.

Ok enough talk: here's your swipe file! Click on the image to download the 10-step guide:

Any questions about ancestral work and spiritual practice? Leave 'em in the comments below!