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How DIVINA Came To Be

I've always been a writer. A bookworm as a kid, I can viscerally remember the moment I was reading a book and didn't like where the author was going with it. "If I wrote this book, I would have . . ." it was that moment that I realized that I could write a book. It wasn't some mystical process reserved only for wizards and magicians (though it kind of is).

In the 5th grade I started a class newspaper.

I went on to get a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Journalism.

After falling in love and moving to Costa Rica (more on that soon), I found myself with two children under 2-years old and no clue about who I was, who I was becoming, and how to get there. Any parent reading this knows what I mean.

A month after my youngest son was born I decided to take up journaling as a serious practice in self-care. I dutifully sat down for a few moments every morning and every evening, following the journal prompts in a "made easy for you" type of journal.  After a couple of weeks I grew frustrated because it all seemed so masculine. It was goal-oriented and pro-progress. I'm all about goals and progress, but when you're a new mom? Your goal is to take a shower and progress is having the time and energy to cook a real meal. This journal wasn't for me.

As I sat thinking about what I truly needed in a journal, a wave of inspiration came over me. I sparked right up and for more than a year I toiled and doodled, wrote and revised. And the end product? Actually, products, are beautiful. And helpful, insightful, meaningful. Feminine.

This journal, and it's companion book, will give you the space to work with your dreams. Your literal night dreams (though night dreams are rarely actually literal). You'll develop a (simple) gratitude practice. Set intentions and make wishes. Daily. You'll learn the hallmarks of your intuition and start tracking when it pops up and why. If you dabble in the intuitive arts, and you will be encouraged to do so, you can track it and its outcome right alongside everything else. Tarot, pendulums, oracle cards, Magic 8 Ball, Astrology. Any and all.

In the evening you will be asked to take a few moments to reflect on the magic, synchronicity, divine winks, that happened that day. Write down your moods. Your menstrual cycle.

All of it will be mapped alongside the phases and astrological position of the moon. That beautiful glowing orb in the evening sky that has served as an external marker for internal cycles since the dawn of man.

And the name? Divina? It's the feminine form of the Latin word for "Divine."

Put another way, it's the feminine form of the Divine.

I can't wait to share it with you.

Coming November 7th