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Help! I Think My House Recently Became Haunted

A couple of weeks ago Andy went to hang out with his friends. It was early evening, around 7 or so, and I distinctly heard him walk into the house. I turned to greet him saying "Funny, I didn't hear you drive up . . ." and I froze. No one was there. A spooky feeling went up my spine but it didn't feel threatening.

I relayed the story to Andy when he got home and his eyes got big and he said "Someone pushed me in my workshop last night! It was so hard and real that I stopped the lathe and turned around to see what you needed. No one was there. I thought maybe it was a warning that I was about to cut off my finger so I stopped working and came inside."

I immediately turned on my go-go gadget psychic powers and psychically scanned the house. Nothing seemed off. That night, and every night since, I've invoked the protection of Archangel Michael overall of us and our house. There have been no more disturbances and I passed it off as a spirit in transit.

Until last night.

Last night was a very restless night. Neither of my boys, nor Andy and I, could sleep very well. We all woke up at the slightest noise. The dogs were also restless. I had of course, invoked protection over the house and I felt calm. I dreamt that a puma was on the prowl and that we are all sensing it. This is very likely.

Except, at one point in the night the dogs barked as if someone was there, not something. And at another point in the night I woke up with a start and sat straight up in bed. Someone was playing with a toy downstairs. It wasn't my 3-year old, he had crawled into bed next to me. It wasn't my 18-month old, he was asleep in his crib. But I could distinctly hear a windup car being played with and someone, like a child though it sounded like a man, making crash sounds as children are wont to do when playing with cars. It was in a rhythm. The windup car always made the same windup sound for the same length of time, followed by the same crashing noise. Over and over. I heard it at least half a dozen times.

When my niece picked up the toy car in question this morning and started playing with it in a similar fashion, I shuddered.

Now, this visitor doesn't give me the creeps. I'm not frightened exactly, but I also don't want any squatters. I've made this clear but there appears to occasionally be exceptions to my rules.

This is not my area of expertise. I don't know how to talk to ghosts. I'm not entirely sure how to banish them or help them cross over. I'm going to try to incubate a dream about the spirit-- get their life story sort of thing.

Can you help?

A work in progress . . .

A work in progress . . .

Here are some facts about our house: Only one other family has ever lived on this property and it was only one generation of the family. They sold the farm to Andy and moved away. We live in a difficult climate on difficult terrain so this isn't unusual. Andy and his family have been here for over 20 years and no one has ever experienced anything unusual like this. We began building our house three years ago on a section of the farm where no other house or building has ever been before. However, our house is made out of cob (dirt, clay, rice hulls) and the dirt came from the valley below us where they were flattening a space for a new gas station. It's highly likely a house or two once sat on top of this dirt. No one in our respective families or in the neighboring area has died recently.

Again, this presence doesn't feel menacing or mischievous even, but I'd prefer it wasn't here at all.

Any suggestions or ideas?