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Dreaming the Future: When and How

I was in that space between being asleep and waking up. I could sense the early morning sunlight pouring in through my windows. With my eyes closed, I reached out to Andy with my mind, trying to sense whether he was still in bed or had already gotten up-- he was still in bed and still sleeping.

And then I heard it.


What was that noise! I stubbornly did not want to wake up but I was also curious, so I lay in bed, half asleep, eyes still closed, listening for the sound to see if it would repeat itself.


I reached out with my mind for Andy again. Nope, still in bed, still asleep. I could almost place the sound, but not quite.


I heard Cuen, our 3.5 year old, enter the room. The noise was definitely in the room and near the bed, so it hadn't been Cuen making the noise. As Cuen got in bed with us, Andy and I began to stir. Andy got out of bed and I closed my eyes.


"What is that noise!" I asked, exasperated. I turned towards Andy and opened my eyes. He looked at me strangely and picked up his water glass and set it back down.


"That noise? I just took a sip of water."

"Is that your first sip this morning?"

" . . . yeeees. I just woke up."

I sat up, eyes wide. "I was just dreaming the future!"

Dreaming the Future

I was naturally really excited to realize I was dreaming the future and also perplexed as to why I repeatedly dreamt such a mundane moment in my near future. I've been thinking about it and this is what I've come up with:

1. I was in the perfect state

As I said, I was in the liminal state, a powerful dreaming state. This state, whether it's between being awake and falling asleep at night or between being asleep and waking up in the morning, is perfect for BIG dreams, lucid dreams. In this state your brain is asleep enough to surrender to a dream but awake enough to be lucid and aware and more likely to remember this dream. God, Guides and Goddesses know that this is prime time to send you a big dream. You have one foot in each world, so-to-speak.

2. I reached out

A key to dreaming the future was sending my mind out in search of Andy, I'm sure of it. I don't really know how to teach you to do this, but you can try it and practice it. You'll know you've done it when you've done it. Just close your eyes and reach out for someone with your mind. First try with someone physically close by-- in the same room or the same house. Any mamas reading this will probably know this sensation right away. I reach out my psychic feelers all the time to see where my kids are and if I should go to them.

When I reached out for Andy I think I also unwittingly reached out into the future, if.only two or three minutes into the future.

3. It was a teaching moment

I have a longstanding prayer request to the Powers That Be to show me what is possible through dreaming. Make me a vessel, show me how to teach people to dream. I think, then, that this dream also happened to remind me that WE can dream the future. It can happen spontaneously and we can also practice and seek it.

After you've gotten the hang of psychically reaching out to people (and I recommend only doing this with close family members unless you know how to protect yourself against psychic vampires), try reaching out to the future. Reach out to the morning, the afternoon. Take note of what you see and compare it against what actually happens that day.

You know those dreams when you wake up and get ready for work and then you really wake up and realize you dreamt the whole thing and now you're 20 minutes late? That's a version of dreaming the future too.  If you spill your coffee in that dream, or walk outside and see a flat tire, it's not a bad idea to be careful with the coffee and to check the air levels of your tires before heading off to work.

Have you ever dreamed the future? Tell me about it in the comments!