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DIVINA 2017 is (finally) Available with Bonuses!

Oh man. Nothing like trying to launch a book from an isolated location in a developing country. Hurricane Otto. 5.7 earthquakes. Landslides. Power outages. Internet outages. I've dealt with all of these in the last week. But my family and our home is safe and intact so I will not complain.

The good news is, although she's a week late, DIVINA is finally available! And she's got a whole new look!

In the last year since the first launch of DIVINA, my life has changed and I've grown deeper into my spirituality than I ever imagined possible to do in one year. This journal has helped me deepen into myself and it helped me get clear on what I really needed for my soul's nourishment. For me, as an indigenous woman and an expat, what I needed this year was ancestral wisdom.

Learning to work with my ancestors and to sense their presence in my life has changed how I interact with the physical world as well as the spiritual world. Although I'm thousands of miles from Home, ancestral spiritual work has centered me and brought me Home spiritually.

In another part of the world, thousands of other indigenous people are standing their ground and their ancestor's ground. They are fulfilling ancestral prophecies and making huge sacrifices to protect our Earth and Water. Although they recently were awarded a huge victory, the stand isn't over. It's going to be a long battle to protect that water and it's going to be a long, dark winter as well.

In honor of all of our Ancestors, I am donating 100% of my portion of December DIVINA sales to Standing Rock. Not what's left after I recoup my expenses. All of it. For each sale of DIVINA, I earn $9.42 and Amazon/CreateSpace charges me $15.57 for the printing and distributing of the book.

Screenshot showing my royalty at the current price of $24.99

Screenshot showing my royalty at the current price of $24.99

Bonuses for You!

But. That's not all! When you order your copy of DIVINA before December 15, you can join January's eSymposium "Exploring the Divine Darkness" for free. AND if you order before December 11, you get to invite a friend to join as well.

Exploring the Divine Darkness is a month-long eSymposium intended to inspire, provoke, rattle and educate about the Dark Feminine. From Lilth to Our Lady of Guadalupe and every dark saint in between, we'll spend the month of January, the darkest month in the Northern Hemisphere, learning the role our creative darkness is meant to play in this tipping point of human consciousness. We will gently, but bravely, dare to step into the power that is lurking in our darkness-- a chaotic and deep power that has been misunderstood and overlooked for too long. You can learn more here.

Just follow these steps to claim your spot today:

Step 1: Grab your copy of DIVINA from Amazon for $24.99, of which $15.57 goes to Amazon/CreateSpace for the cost of printing and distributing the journal, and $9.42, my cut, goes to Standing Rock.

Step 2: Send your order confirmation/receipt to me: darla.antoine@gmail.com with the subject Journal Receipt (so I can prioritize your email).

Step 3: I'll respond with the link to the top-secret enrollment page and, if you order your journal on or before 11:59 p.m. PST, December 10th, I'll also send an invitation for a friend to join our symposium, free of charge.

Step 4: Enroll yourself and pass along the invitation to a friend that has been extra naughty or nice this year (your choice!).

Further instructions, surprises and thought-pieces await on the other side of the enrollment page!

What's New with DIVINA 2017

DIVINA has evolved with each new edition. This year is no different. Each day has two pages, broken up into sections and topics designed to help you articulate the whispers and wisdom of your soul.

Note that the moon and astro icons are just examples of how you can draw in the phases and zodiac locations of the moon yourself.

Note that the moon and astro icons are just examples of how you can draw in the phases and zodiac locations of the moon yourself.

Dreams, Divination & Soul Whispers:
Here you can record the dream or dreams that stand out
from the night before. Often when we write or speak our
dreams, the symbolism and meaning in the dreams becomes
clearer. The Future You will also enjoy flipping through this
journal and recalling the dreams you had. Their insights and
warnings may be even more uncanny and spot-on when you
re-read them in hindsight.

I Am Blessed Because:
What is a 21st century woo-woo journal without a gratitude
prompt? After all, having an “attitude of gratitude” has been
proven to make us happier and smarter. Write your gratitude
prayer anyway you’d like: as a prayer, a poem, a list, or even
a song! Where your attention goes, shows.

What Needs My Attention:
The power of attention + intention is great. Mighty. Use
this space to set your intentions for the day and to remind
yourself what needs attending. Is it your physical body?
Your bills (cringe)? Your relationship? Your front yard? this
is you reminder of the great things you intend to attend to
today (a fancy way of saying: to-do list).

Signs, Synchronicities & Magic I Noticed

Surprises. Synchronicities. Coincidences. Write them down.
It’s the surest way for you to begin to notice the divine
winks in your life and to act on your intuition; you may also
begin to discover how your guides prefer to get your
attention. Maybe you see 11:11 frequently, or a certain song
came on the radio, which you just knew was an answer to a
problem you’ve been struggling with. My guides like to drop
earrings in my path, like breadcrumbs, to tell me that I’m on
the right path to something. I must have about a dozen
single earrings in my jewelry box—and one pair of platinum
diamond Tiffany earrings. But that’s a story for another day.

Moods, Emotions & Desires:
This is where you track your daily emotions, energy,
motivation and inspiration levels, even your food cravings
(or lack thereof). The idea is that overtime you will learn
how the phases of the moon, coupled with the current
astrological sign the moon is in, affects you. Once you have
a grasp on this you can plan your life (meetings,
negotiations, down time, big events) accordingly.
Like the waxing and the waning of the moon, it is important
(not to mention empowering) to become comfortable with
all sides of our lives. In case it isn’t clear: you have permission to make, change, and cancel plans according to intuitive guidance. I dare you.
If you no longer, or do not, menstruate; these subtle daily
shifts in moods and emotions can be important markers for
your lunar cycle.

Moon Cycle:
Throughout most of history women have had 28-day
menstrual cycles that corresponded with the 28-day cycle of
the moon. Today our cycles are out of sync with Her
Majesty because we spend our evenings indoors and under
artificial lights. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t
have our own unique synchronization with the moon. By
tracking our cycles alongside the moon we begin to
empower our bodies and ourselves by uncovering and
acknowledging our innately feminine Mysteries.
Use this space to track the day of your cycle (the first day of
your bleed is day 1), any pertinent information if you are
trying to conceive, the strength of your flow, etc.
If you do not menstruate, the New Moon is day 1 of your
cycle. (A guide to the moon phases and zodiac is also included.)

This space is for any other thoughts, epiphanies, worries or
experiences that you need to get down on paper.

Thank you so much for your support!