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30-Something? Why You Need To Start A Dream Journal Practice In 2016

Saturn square Neptune is the Astro It Girl of 2016 and makes it the perfect year to begin a Dream Journal practice. If you're in your thirties you may want to take Dream Journalism to a whole new level-- it could save your ass when you turn forty.

But First, The Astro:

A squared aspect creates a bit of tension or internal conflict between the energies represented in the planets. In this case?

Saturn is the nitty gritty grind of chronicling (the Greek word for Saturn is chronos) anything and everything that can be tracked. Calories. Workouts. Performance. Bank accounts. If it can be measured it can be mastered. Wherever you rock Saturn energy you are focused, driven, and on. top. of. it.  For 2016, Saturn is making its slow, once every 28 years, journey through Sagittarius, sign of philosophy and expansion.

Neptune is quite opposite from Saturn. The planet of dreams, intuition, feminine mysteries and the abstract. Neptune is currently making its way through Pisces, the sign that it rules, heightening Neptune's positive influence that much more.

Assuming you stay away from, or use Saturn-discipline to restrict, lower Neptunian substances such as excessive alcohol, weed, and their mind-altering brethren (including caffeine after 3pm), dreams can come more easily, stay longer and be more lucid during this time (thank you Neptune). With Saturn square Neptune for 2016 it makes sense (and may even be necessary for psychic sanity) to apply the disciplined practice of keeping a journal to your dreaming/magical life. The time is ripe for life-changing dreams: dreams filled with a-ha! moments, deep spiritual truths and profound healing.

Reflect, meditate, ruminate. Honor, appreciate, respect. It all comes down to writing it down. Neptune wants to blow you spiritually open; Saturn in Sagittarius wants you to evolve but stay grounded, practical.


Why This Matters If You Are In Your Thirties:

If you are in your 30s, your natal Neptune is also in Sagittarius.

Which means you're gearing up to experience your own Neptune Transit: Neptune square Neptune.

Just as Saturn in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces is also square Natal Neptune in Sagittarius. For 2016, Neptune is square Natal Neptune in Sagittarius in the early degrees-- from about 7-9 degrees (remember: there are 30 degrees in every sign). Click here to enter your birth data and find out where exactly Neptune was in Sagittarius when you were born.

I was born in 1982 and have Neptune at 24 degrees Sagittarius. Because Neptune is so slow, I have a few years before the square is exact, but the energy is there and will slowly be intensifying over the next 6 years or so.

Which Means:

This transit is also called the Midlife Transit as it hits exact around the age of 40 or 41, and is astrologically responsible for the dreaded Midlife Crisis.

What are the hallmarks of the Midlife Crisis? Well they very from person to person, and some never experience it at all. But think about this: you will spend your 20's and 30's forging relationships that impact and influence all areas of your life: friends, partners, colleagues, children, etc. You are working your ass off to get the life you've always wanted. You've possibly spent countless hours (and dollars) getting the education you need to so that you can handle or achieve the work and lifestyle you want.

And then 40 hits. The kids are almost grown. You aren't where you thought you would be by now. Your dream job is slowly killing you. Your love life is stale. The mortgage and the student loan debt is. still. there. You look in the mirror and do not recognize the woman there. Wrinkles? Muffin top? Gray hair? Age spots! When did this happen?

And for most of your adult life you have been too busy consuming consuming consuming, creating creating creating, and just trying to stay afloat and now you have no idea who the fuck you are anymore, where this ship is going, and if you even want to be on it. It's the halfway point and all you can think is: FML.

So how can we 1) avoid a Midlife Crisis and 2) survive it if it happens anyway.

The answer is deceptively simple:

Know Thyself.

The maxim at the root of philosophy (Sagittarius), first delivered by the Oracle of Delphi (Neptune), and forever carved (Saturn) on those temple (Pisces) walls.

The maxim at the root of philosophy, first delivered by the Oracle of Delphi, and forever carved on those temple walls.

Know Thyself.

Dreams are an extension of how you perceive yourself.

The practice of recording your dreams-- really listening, respecting, heeding, and ruminating on them--naturally fosters self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-healing and self-love.

And when you apply that knowledge, awareness, healing and love to the rest of your life you are automatically better equipped to handle all of life's transitions.

How To Start A Dream Journal Practice:

1. Grab a notepad and pencil and just start recording!

2. Read 10 Reasons You Should Be Working With Your Dreams and How DIVINA Came To Be, my first-of-its-kind dream journal that helps you sync your life with the heavens while keeping both feet on the ground (i.e., no need to become a vegan or give yourself a goddess name. Unless you want to).

3. Get on the list to be notified when DIVINA: A Journal For Magical Babes is available for pre-sale November 7th! DIVINA will walk you thorough beginning a dream journal practice and lays it all out for you in a format that is clean, sharp and practical; making it a breeze for you to begin a practice and even easier for Future You to look back and reference your entries.

I've also got sneak peeks, free trials, and a surprise companion book (ORACLE: Divination for Magical Babes -- ssshhh!) being released at the same time.

For Advanced Moon Babes:

Check out your natal chart and see which house Pisces occupies. I have Pisces in the 9th, the House of Philosophy and Higher Education (naturally rule by Sagittarius). This adds an extra little zing to the tension/necessity to balance philosophy with practicality/discipline for me, which just screams this down-to-earth dream journal I'm producing for 2016. #astrowin

How does your Pisces placement flavor your Saturn Neptune Transit? This may be helpful in helping you articulate it.

Sweet Dreams,


image credits:  David Urbanke, and Unknown