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The Most Important Chakra You Don't Know About: The Earth Star


You are probably at least a little bit aware of the seven major chakras within our bodies, or at least seen a poster as you passed a yoga studio. These basic and major chakras run up and down our spine from our pelvis to the tops of our heads and are responsible for certain energies and domains in our lives, from basic human survival to relationships, career, self-love, intuition, self-expression, etc. You may even be aware of the "soul" chakras extending from above our heads and up into the ethers. It is believed that it is through these chakras (chakras 8-12, if you will) that we receive Divine healing, inspiration, connect with our guides and angels, etc.

Awesome. Great. I'm all about it.

In fact there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of major or minor chakras associated with our physical and ethereal bodies. And right now the one I'm most fascinated with?

The Earth Star Chakra.

The Earth Star Chakra is said to be about 6-18 inches below the soles of our feet, putting it underneath the bit of Earth you are standing or sitting on right now. This chakra is in fact our connection to Mother Earth. When we ground ourselves it is actually this chakra that we are activating. It works together with the root chakra (the first chakra) to help keep us stable, balanced, and feeling secure in this life. While the root chakra helps us ground our physical body, the Earth Star chakra grounds our entire energetic being on this Earth/plane of existence.

The Earth Star is keeper of karma, holds all previous incarnation memories, and is our access point to Ancestral wisdom and inspiration. It is through this chakra, I believe, that we can begin to heal ancestral wounds and traumas. It is through this chakra that we can access ancestral wisdom and memories. It is through this chakra that we can access our ancestors. And the common ancestor we all share? Mother Earth. 

I have a theory. I'm still experimenting with it and the jury is still out, but my theory is this:

I believe the Earth Star Chakra may be key to accessing dream guidance.

It's the Earth Star chakra that I believe holds the collective unconscious, that earthly data bank of archetypes, symbols, longings, and half-memories that are almost universal. In today's quest for "spirituality" there is a lot of talk and focus on activating the third eye (sixth chakra) and the crown/seventh chakra. Advanced chakra students even go on to focus on the soul chakras mentioned earlier, the ones that connect us to our purpose, or Higher Selves, and the Divine.

That's a lot of "up there" and not enough "down here."

I believe the Earth Star chakra is severely underrepresented and undervalued. We live in physical bodies in a physical world. And just as we need to prepare the basic seven chakras to open up and receive the higher vibrations of the heavenly chakras, we need to prepare our entire being, physical and non-physical to open up and receive dream guidance. This is because 1) it is our ethereal body going out every night and seeking/receiving this information but 2) it is our physical body that is retaining/metabolizing/using that information, which means we need to ground it on all planes.

Try this:

Begin working with your Earth Star chakra. Preferably in the morning and in the evening but definitely in the evening before going to sleep.  Note if dream recall is easier and if ancestral dreams/visits increase, among any other changes.

Stand with your feet firmly on the ground, actual earth if you can manage it. Focus your attention between your feet and about a foot beneath the ground, the chakra may be deeper or higher. Once you feel like you have energetically located the Earth Star chakra, note the color. Fo most people it is somewhere in the range of dark brown and black. For others it is blue (The Earth is mostly water, after all). Take a few deep breaths and imagine the dark, rich energies of the earth pouring into your chakra-- healing it, cleansing it, rejuvenating it. All of the love the Earth has for you, all of the love you have for the Earth. All of the love the Earth has had for your ancestors, and all of the love your ancestors have had for the Earth. It's all pouring into your chakra, nourishing it and causing it to glow with a dark richness. (If you can't sense this, imagine it. If you can't imagine it, affirm that it is happening). When you feel like your chakra is cleansed and balanced, imagine deep red roots extending from the chakra and going down down down into the Earth until you reach the Earth's core. See the roots wrapping tightly around the Earth's core, grounding and centering your entire energetic being. Then watch as the roots travel back up to your Earth Star chakra, up through the ground, through the soles of your feet and reuniting at your root chakra. Imagine the roots continuing their journey up through your seven chakras and up to the eighth chakra, the soul star chakra, about a foot above your head.

Take a few deep breaths and stamp your feet-- grounding this experience in the physical world, in your physical body and in the Earth Star chakra.

If you already have a chakra practice, continue on from here. If you are new to chakras, just start here. Do this before bed and in the morning note any changes to your dream recall. You may want to repeat this exercise in the morning to ground yourself back into your body after an evening of soul flight.

I want to hear all about it!


  Image credits: Earth Star Chakra | Chakra map