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Mark Twain's Letter Magic

Mark Twain was a HUGE believer in synchronicities (meaningful coincidences). He kept a daily diary of coincidences and other moments that stood out; after some time he noticed that he just had to think about writing someone a letter and within a day or two a letter from said person would be delivered to him. As you would expect Mark Twain to do, he played with this. He'd compose letters in his head and never write them. He'd sit down and write a letter but never send it. But always. ALWAYS, a letter would soon arrive from the intended recipient.

Mr. Twain was once struck with an irresistible idea for a novel and he knew just the guy to write it. He sat down and wrote a letter to his friend, explaining the concept and even going so far as to outline the chapters for him. The next day a large package arrived for Mr. Twain, from said friend, and he announced that he was certain the package contained a manuscript for a book concerning the same subject matter he had had in mind for his friend.

It did.

One other incredulous incident involved a distraught father who hadn't heard from his son in several months. The son had set off for some adventure that included a long voyage and the father was certain he should have heard from his son by now. Fearing the worst, he consulted Mr. Twain who immediately suggested that the man send his son a telegram. I imagine the conversation went something like this:

"But I don't know where he is!"

"It doesn't matter. Just send him a telegram. Anywhere."

"I'm afraid I don't understand."

"It's the intention of wanting to communicate with your son that matters. Send a telegram out there and he will respond."

The father sent his son a telegram. He may have even literally sent it to Timbuktu.

Within the week the father received a telegram from his son, explaining the journey had taken an unexpected detour but all was well.

Let's Play With This, Shall We?

Today we have text messages, facebook messages, e-mail, Snapchat, What's App, Skype, Instagram comments, and a slew of other ways to contact one another. Letters may seem quaint, but we all have people in our lives that seem to have fallen off the face of the Earth. Old friends, lovers, colleagues. Even cousins and other family members! 

Let's put Mark Twain's letter magic into practice. Let's try to conjure up a letter (or e-mail) out of the blue.

Now, you could just sit down and think about the person you want to hear from, reminisce a little, and that might do the trick; but here are a few ideas to add a little extra oomph! to the practice:

  • Sit down and write this person a letter. Remember, no one will ever see it. Invoke the senses and a wide range of emotions as you write this letter
  • Address an envelope to your person (name and last known address or just name), insert the letter and burn it
  • Imagine yourself catching up with him or her. Over the phone or over coffee. Put yourself in the scene, again invoking as many senses and emotions as possible. What would you say? Which topics would you broach? Imagine it all
  • Light a candle for your person
  • Set the intention before bed to dream about this person and/or meet them in the dreamspace

Of course, if you do this and it works I would love to hear about it!

But hey?

Remember to be careful what you wish for! Old acquaintances can bring along old dramas.