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10:10 Creative | Beautiful | Wise

Do you often see 11:11 or 2:22 or a similar number and wonder what it means?

There are apps and books and webpages out there to help you "decode" the hidden messages behind these numbers but in my experience these "messages" fall short.

11:11-- Keep your spirits up! What you are thinking about in this moment is rapidly manifesting
2:22-- Your guides want you to know that they are supporting you. Keep your thoughts positive!
5:55-- Your angels are near and here to help. Raise your vibration to raise your circumstances

Those were all paraphrases, but do you see how they all are saying the same thing in different ways?

Stay positive. Ask for help. Know you are being helped.

Okay, that's a great message but . . . bleh.

Magical Number dictionaries are like dream dictionaries: they only go so far. They are generic interpretations that can't take personal context into account. What is going on in your life right now? What are you working towards? What are you trying to work through? What are your hopes and prayers at this moment? What are your struggles and your blessings?

Here is a simple way to discover the meaning of those repetitive numbers:

Decide what the meaning is.

When you see 11:11 what are you thinking about at the moment? What are you trying to decide? What are you worrying about? What are you praying about.

How does it feel when you see 11:11 (or whatever the number may be)? Does it feel like confirmation? Hope? A wink from the Divine? A yes? A no?

Come up with your own meaning. Use your intuition and your personal context.

And then?

Put an alert on your phone and set it to show up everyday at 11:11.

Around the beginning of this year, 2015, I was noticing 10:10 everywhere I looked. I decided to create a meaning for it and assigned 10:10 the meaning of "Creative | Beautiful | Wise." This is indeed a reminder that I am creative, beautiful, and wise. I needed this reminder this year because I have spent the entire year compiling my wisdom into DIVINA and getting it ready to put out in the world. Talk about frightening! What if no one likes me? What if no one thinks I have anything valuable to add to the conversation around dreams and intuition? A daily reminder that I am Creative and Wise was in order. And Beautiful? Well anyone who has passed into the phase of Motherhood knows that your body bears the scars long after it has beared the children. After having two children (and two c-sections) in two years, my body was unknown to me. It was flabby and fatty. It belonged more to my children than to me. It served their needs before mine and it was all just very foreign. It's just now, over a year since my last baby was born (and the longest period of time in the last 4 years that I haven't been pregnant), that I'm beginning to see myself in the mirror. There's still more muscle to build and more fat to lose, but I'm there. I see me. I've missed me. And I oh-so needed that daily reminder that I. Am. Beautiful.

Everyday at 10:10 AM, my phone buzzes and I look at it and smile, silently reminding myself that I am creative, beautiful, and wise. And now it's also become a silent reminder about how much I have grown in creativity, wisdom, and beauty in the last year since I first created the reminder.

And the best part? I remind myself that I am creative, beautiful, and wise every time I see 10:10, no matter where I see 10:10. A license plate. The clock on my stove. A flight number.

Lately 5:55 has been showing up all over the place, I think it's about time to assign a new meaning and a new alert . . .