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13 Fun and Divine Facts about Friday the 13th

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Okay, so I interrupt the previously scheduled programming to bring you 13 divine and fun facts about Friday the 13th! I was born on July 13th but sadly it was a Tuesday and not a Friday. . . sigh.  Friday the 13th happens an average of 2 times a year. Sometimes it happens only once in a year and the following year it happens three times. This year it happens in January and in October, so file these fun facts away to impress and entertain your friends in 9 months :P

Since at least the Middle Ages, Friday the 13th has been considered a day of bad luck. Black cats are bad luck. Walking under ladders are bad luck. The whole day is an exercise in avoiding bad luck.

But guess what? Just like our bleeding time, just like our pre-menstrual time, this day used to be a powerful and holy divine day dedicated to the feminine. Here are 13 dark, divine, feminine and fun facts about Friday the 13th:

1. "Friday" means Freya's Day. Freya (or Frejya) is a Norse Dark Goddess. She rules over love, beauty, sex, fertility, war, and death. In other Germanic-based languages Friday is still named for Freya: Freitag (German) and Fredag (Danish & Norwegian), for example. In Latin-based languages, Friday is Viernes (Spanish), Venerdi (Italian), Vendredi (French). Viernes, Venerdi and Vendredi are all named for the Roman goddess Venus: Freya's svelte Mediterranean counterpart.

Takeaway: In at least half of the world, Friday is named for a dark goddess.

2: At one time, Freya was the most popular name for girls in Scandinavian countries, only to eventually be surpassed by . . . Mary. The Christian Mother Goddess.

Takeaway: Once a dark goddess, always a dark goddess.

3. Freya is pulled in a chariot by two black cats and in some versions, she's pulled by 13 black cats. Black cats have long been associated with witches as their familiars (someone attending to and obeying the witch, usually in animal form) and seeing a black cat, especially on Friday the 13th, has been considered bad luck and/or an omen of death.

Takeaway: If/when you see a black cat on Friday the 13th, what you're really seeing is a powerful woman's helpmate on a day dedicated to powerful women.

4. The number 13 is officially the number of women you need to form a coven. It's the number of moon cycles in a year and it's the average number of menstrual cycles a woman has in a year (re: the number of times she bleeds).

Takeaway: 13 is a very feminine and very powerful number.

5. Friday the 13th comes in 28-year cycles. From timeanddate.com:

There is a calendrical method to the madness of Friday the 13th. Whenever a common year begins on a Thursday, the months of February, March, and November will have a Friday the 13th. This will happen 11 times in the 21st century.

The February-March-November pattern repeats in a 28-year cycle. In the 21st century, the cycle began in 2009. In 2015, 6 years later, Friday the 13th occurred in February, March, and November. This won't happen for 11 more years until 2026 and we'll have to wait again for 11 years until 2037 to see the February, March, and November trilogy.

This pattern will repeat itself starting 2043, 6 years after 2037.

Takeaway: And 28 is the number of days in a moon cycle and the average number of days in a woman's monthly cycle.

6. But what people want you to believe about Friday the 13th is that it is unlucky because Jesus was crucified on a Friday (Good Friday) and there were 13 people at the Last Supper.

Takeaway: Patriarchy *eye roll*

7. "Paraskavedekatriaphobia" is an officially recognized disease that means "fear of Friday the 13th." "Paraskevi" is Friday in Greek, "Dekatreis" is Thirteen and you should be familiar with the word "phobia" :)

Takeaway: The fear is real.

8. It's true: many high-rise buildings are missing floor 13. The elevator goes from 12 to 14. Same goes for house numbers. A house that should be numbered "13" is often numbered "14" instead. In China, they have the same superstition and accommodations for the number 4. Buildings are "missing" a fourth floor and house numbers skip right to the number five. . Going back to our discussion on numerology, 1+3= 4. Four is also a sacred number in many cultures because it represents the four directions, the four elements and the Holy Family: Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Son and Holy Daughter.

Takeaway: 13 and 4 are living that thug life all over da world.

9. Speaking of the Holy Family . . . an open ladder creates a triangle, which if you consider the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost or of Maiden, Mother, Crone-- and all of the other sacred symbolism we've discussed about the triangle, walking through the triangle is considered bad luck because you are breaking the trinity.

Takeaway: Don't get in the middle of family drama

10. The 13th day of each month is also associated with Marian apparitions or messages from the Divine Mother. Examples of such appearances are Our Lady of Fatima on starting on May 13, 1917; and the Virgin Mary on October 13, 1990 through October 13, 1998 – monthly on the 13th until 1994, then annually on October 13 until 1998 in Conyers, GA when they ceased. (from OmTimes.com)

Takeaway: Mother Mary loves herself some 13 juju

11. A widely-circulated news report is going around today about Flight 666 which flew straight to HEL on Friday the 13th (Today) and landed safely (no really).

Takeaway: I guess the highway was closed.

12. 666 is considered an evil number when in fact it is quite exalted. 3 is the first perfect number and it is the number of the trinity. 6 is the power of 3 doubled. 666 is the power of 3 doubled and then repeated 3 times. It's the number of power, creation and ritual. See more here.  Where as 6+6 is 12 and 12 is an all-male power number. There are 12 months of the year, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 hours of the clock, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 Descendants of Muhammad Imams, and then a woman walks in and ruins it all.

Takeaway: Seriously, nothing is what it seems.

13. The 13th card in tarot is the death card. But we also know that death can mean nurturance. rebirth. rejuvenation. Transformation.

Takeaway: 13 is the dark goddess/divine darkness number.

In Love and Darkness,